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December 29, 2015

Happy New Year my naughtys. Let’s hope and pray the coming year will bring peace and restore our faith in our country.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and Santa was good to you, whether you were on his naughty list or not. My Christmas was wonderful and I got spoiled with so many beautiful gifts from my special clients and friends and family. But, I am glad that it’s over and I can get back to my regular routine without worrying about deadlines and commitments. Bah-Humbug!

I saw my naughty boy Michael for a spanking session before Christmas and this was his first visit back to me after my return from Canada. Michael told me he’d been a pretty good boy all summer and I believed him. Come to find out, he lapsed back into his nasty habit the day before he visited me and didn’t tell me. I think he was afraid to confess sitting there and looking at all the implements I had chosen to spank him with and figured he’d lie and not get a hard spanking.

I saw a new naughty boy last week – another Michael, and he had never been spanked before. Like all of you, he was curious to experience a real spanking and he contacted me to schedule a session. He made a mistake and didn’t call me before he left to drive down here so I assumed he was going to be a no-show. I got myself ready and my spanking room set up just in case he would show up, and he called me ten minutes before his appointment and announced he was here. I told him to cool his heels for fifteen minutes so I could finish setting up my spanking room and then I called him when I was ready.

I decided I would use the fact that he didn’t call ahead of time like he was supposed to, as a good reason to spank him so after I led him into my spanking room and sat him down, I let him have a good tongue lashing.

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