October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

I had a wonderful trip to New Jersey and it was nice to relax and take a break from my busy schedule. Just before I left, I saw 4 clients and did some work on my web site. I still have a lot of computer work to do so this week I plan to update my member’s area with new video clips and pix. I had 4 clients this week and you can read all about their spankings in my member’s Diary.

Good news this week is I have 4 new videos added to my store:

Naughty Siblings with Sarah and Justin as my 2 naughty kids
Your Spanking – a point of view type of video but with a male model taking all the spankings
Prom Night Punishment with Sarah and her daddy Paul
Bad Babysitter with Sarah and introducing Tasha as the Bad Babysitter

I’m excited about my new videos and I’m sure there’s something of interest for everyone.

I’m heading to Chicago next week for Crimson Moon where I’ll be doing sessions and video shoots. My dates are Oct 22 – 28.

I’m going to Dallas Nov 12 – 19 for a personal visit plus do a few sessions with some of my regular Texas boys.

That’s it for this week. Behave!

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