March 25 – April 7, 2014

March 26 – April 7, 2014

If you’re reading this you’ve obviously discovered my new web site, which has been in the works for over a month now. I’m so excited to finally have a dynamic new site where you’ll be able to browse through my photo galleries and video clips a lot easier than before. I’ll now have 2 diaries for you – one in the free area, which will keep you up to date on my activities and a second diary in my members area which goes into more detail about my spanking sessions. All my old photo sets and video clips are stored inside the members area in my archives, so don’t fret my naughtys if you thought those pix and clips are no longer available. You’ll still be able to spend some exciting time perusing the old classic memories.

I’m starting a new project this week to celebrate the launching of my new site. A lot of you remember me from the old classic videos I did with Leda/Nuwest and Jennifer Brooks. Since these sites no longer carry my early work (and Jennifer’s site is now obsolete), I’ve decided to reintroduce them to you here. You’ll be able to buy some of my vintage classic videos from my earlier years starting out as a disciplinarian. Remember “David Meets Dana Specht” and “Debra’s New Boss”? I still have people ask me about these films and how can they get a copy? Well, soon you’ll be able to. And I mustn’t forget Jonathan! His cameo performance was filmed with me and we ended up doing 3 videos together. He then went ahead and designed his own site but still played a sub in his videos. We did one more for my site back in 2002 – “Down Home Discipline”.

So, if you’re not a member yet, join my site and nestle down for some exciting action photos, video clips, spanking stories, and more…