May 13 – 27, 2014


May 14 – 27, 2014


I’m back from my mini vacation in New Jersey well rested and ready to get back into the swing of things. Miss Chris and my naughty niece Cat came for a visit and we had lunch together, which was nice. Miss Chris had some sessions booked so it was a working trip for her.

photo 3

I on the other hand, took the week off from spanking and my web site work to kick back and clear my mind. I saw a concert, went to my favorite Jersey band’s rehearsal, ate at fabulous Italian restaurants, and every morning had my coffee and pastry at a little bakery. I absolutely love New Jersey!

This week I’ll be catching up with posts on my web site and getting updates done for when I leave for Canada in the summer. Thursday I’m going to Memphis until June 4 for a get away with my naughty boy GivanTake. I plan to do sessions while I’m there and still have a few openings left. Email me before Thursday so you won’t miss out.

My naughty boy Timothy came to see me on Sunday for a session and to celebrate my birthday which is this week. He always sees me on his birthday (coming up next month) and this year he decided to come see me for a spanking for my birthday. He bought me a beautiful black dress in Atlantic City, which we saw walking through the shopping area in the casino, and I fell in love with it. Timothy sneaked back to the shop with Sarah and had her try it on to see if it would fit me, since we’re built pretty much the same on the top. She told him it would be perfect for me so he bought it.


He also bought me a new wooden paddle from Miss Rose and I used it on him during his session.


We took lots of photos and I’ve posted them in my members area. You can see them all there and read all about his spanking he got to celebrate my birthday.

‘Til next week…


Dana’s Discipline Diary


April 28 – May 9, 2014

Bobbi-Jo came to see me for her spanking session and it had only been 12 days since her last session. She sees me once a month now and since I will be doing some traveling this month she wanted to see me sooner rather than later.

Bobbi-Jo is a sensitive sweet lady and suffers a lot of internal pain from her past, which we’re trying to work through. She always cries during her spanking, letting the pain go and feeling the love I have for her with each smack on her bare bottom. I gently scold her and tell her to release those bad thoughts that cloud her mind and make her sad, and replace those thoughts with all the good that has come to her now. She says my spankings help her feel better about herself and this makes me happy.

She had a wonderful time at BBW and met many new friends. She made sure she attended as many activities as she could and I was very proud of how she mixed and mingled with people and didn’t spend a lot of time in her room brooding.

The highlight of the party for her, was meeting Richard Windsor which resulted in him taking her over his lap and spanking her. She wore a white skirt and white panties for the occasion, just in case Richard asked her to play, and her long-time wish came true. I wasn’t at the suite party where all this took place and didn’t know until we got together the next day to share a ride to the airport. I was so happy for her! And Bobbi-Jo was ecstatic but there was an incident after she left Richard that ruined her after glow. Apparently she took her name tag off and stuck it in her pocket before she went over Richard’s lap and when she left the room she forgot to pin it back on to be visible to the security team. It’s their policy that all invited guests wear their name tags when they are on the spanking floors or ballroom events, which is understandable because you don’t want vanilla folk wandering around and nosing into our business. Well, Bobbi-Jo got scolded for not wearing her tag and, being the sensitive sort she is, felt terrible about it. I talked to her and tried to make her forget about it but I knew she would carry it around with her until I spanked it out of her.

Sure enough, when she arrived for her session this week the first thing she started talking about was the name tag incident and how bad she still felt. I wasted no time in getting her into the spanking room, pulling her jeans and panties down, and turning her over my knee. She likes to chat at the beginning and I warm her up good with my hand while she chats away, then I add my leather straps. I planned on having her lie on the bed for a good strapping and I had 3 of my favorite straps picked out for her. I gave her a long strapping with each implement then rubbed some lotion and started all over again. She almost had to use her safe word – one of the straps is pretty nasty and that was the one that almost made her clench her cheeks and put her hands back to protect her bottom. I can read her body language very well and know when to stop and give her a break.

I sat back on the bed and used my wooden implements next – 2 hairbrushes, wooden paddles and a new paddle Bobbi-Jo bought from Sarah at the vendor’s fair. That was a really good paddle and I flipped it around and used the handle part of it on her sweet spots. That made her jump! I knew she was getting close to tears and I knew she had to get rid of those bad thoughts that put a cloud over her experience with Richard. I pushed the wood aside and spanked her with my hand – hard and steady and scolded her for being so silly. I told her I loved her and wouldn’t let anyone hurt her again. She is my good girl and she is better than that mean person who hurt her feelings. The sobs started and the tears flowed and I kept on spanking her until she had cried it all out. I got her up and scooted down on the bed and wrapped her in my arms and held her tight while she continued to cry. I rubbed her back and told her she was a good girl and I loved her. After awhile the tears and sobs stopped and she started talking about happier things and all the good times she had at the party. She plans to go again next year and I’m glad that one sour note didn’t scare her away.

That’s it for this week. I’m on my way out of town for a Mother’s Day get-away. Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies out there who have devoted most of your life to your children.

‘Til next week – behave!

April 22- 29, 2014


I had a very busy week in Atlantic City attending the Boardwalk Badness Weekend and this was their best spanking party yet. As you know, I attend a lot of spanking parties and BBW is by far the best one out there. So many activities to keep you entertained and informed, not to mention my many spanking friends and loyal clients I see each year.

I did five sessions and shot a new video with Sarah Gregory and Joelle from Punished Brats. I haven’t come up with a title yet and when I do I’ll be sure to let you know the name of it and when it’ll be available in my store. I gave the girls both a hard OTK hand spanking and didn’t feel the need to use any implements on them after I turned each bottom into a pair of hot buns. Joelle is a delightful young lady with an incredible spankable bottom and it was pure pleasure to work with her. I look forward to shooting with her again.

My good girl Bobbi-Jo attended the party and this was her first. It was a big step for her to do this and I was very pleased she decided to make BBW her debut event. She did very well mixing and mingling and met many new friends. I was very proud of her. We did our regular cathartic spanking session and I go into more details about her spanking in my diary in my members area. Here’s a pic of Bobbi_jo with Justin.


Timothy was there as well and looked after my every need all weekend long – taking me to dinner, accompanying me to the balls each night, and escorting me to my room when the night was over. I did a heavy session with Timothy too and there’s more to tell in my members diary.