June 10 – July 8, 2014

June 18 – July 7, 2014

It’s been almost a month since I wrote a Blog and some of you are probably wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. Well, I was very busy when my baby girl Sarah Gregory visited me; working on my web site and getting ready for TASSP. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really looking forward to going to Dallas because I had so much work to do at home prior to my leaving for Canada this week, but it ended up being the best party yet so I’m glad I went.

I was extremely busy at TASSP – shot 2 videos, which should be edited and available soon, did 7 sessions, and participated in 2 demonstrations at the event.

I suppose the best way to tell you about the party is to give you my schedule, then I’ll tell you about the spanking sessions I did after I came home.

Wednesday June 18: Took the 5:45am flight from Monterey to Dallas. No crying babies on any of the flights, so that was a bonus! I arrived early afternoon to the hot and humid Texas weather. Bobby and Justin were there to pick me up and take me to my hotel to check in. A few party people arrived on Wednesday including my good girl Bobbie-Jo who surprised the hell out of me when she got off the elevator with bratty Lindsy. These two cooked up a surprise visit for Bobbie-Jo and kept it a secret from me. It’s funny, because I saw Bobbie-Jo for a session in early June and I tried to talk her into going to TASSP and surprise Lindsy! Little did I know that the girls had the trip all planned beforehand to surprise ME. I took Bobby up to my room and gave him a spanking then he and I went to dinner. I went to bed early as I had a big day ahead of me.

Thursday June 19: My first session was at 10:00am with a newbie named Kendrick. He’d never been spanked before and wanted his first experience to be with me. He was very excited and anxious and emailed me and asked if he could do a 3 hour session. I told him we’d start off for an hour and see what he felt like after, because I knew he wouldn’t be able to withstand 3 hours of spanking. I was right, he did take a good hard spanking with my hand and hairbrush though for his first time, and when the hour was up he said he’d had enough.

I saw Lindsy at 2:00 and gave her a punishment spanking while Bobbie-Jo watched. Lindsy needed a reminder of what happens to naughty girls when they text and drive plus she didn’t get all her assignments done on time. I used my hand, leather straps, paddles, and hairbrushes.

Bobbie-Jo saw me at 7:00 and Lindsy sat in on her spanking. Bobbie-Jo allowed Lindsy to videotape us so she could watch it later on and see how hard I spank her. She got a good scolding from me this time too, and it’s all on tape. I hope she’ll watch it when she’s missing me and needing a reminder how much I love her and care about her.

My best buddy GivanTake made a surprise appearance to the party that night and it was so good to see him! He decided at the last minute to come, and didn’t tell anybody so we were all pleasantly surprised.


Friday June 20: My busiest day. I started off doing a scolding demonstration to a packed and attentive audience. They love to see me scold and I had volunteers come up and stand at my right side and hear my rant. After the demo, the audience asked me a lot of questions.


I saw David for his 2nd punishment spanking for drinking and driving. You can read his version of the session in my testimonials section in my members area. His girlfriend Lindsay also wrote a report. I caned David 16 times – something he’d never had done before and surely doesn’t want again.


My next naughty boy was Doug and this was his first session with me. He took a good spanking and I used my hand and hairbrush on him.

After Doug I had to assist Dr. Lechter in the principal’s office and be the school superintendent. We had about 6 or 7 naughty students sent to our office for punishment. Good fun!

Friday night I took it easy and went to a couple suite parties but called it an early night because tomorrow would be another hectic day.

Saturday June 21: I shot a video with a long-time naughty boy of mine who didn’t want his name used or show his face in the video. It worked out very well because the theme of the video was a POV naughty-boy-lecture similar to the one I did years ago with Jennifer Brookes and proved to be very popular. This time though, instead of me sitting and talking to the camera, I have a real naughty boy to scold, send to the corner, and put over my knee. The title is Your Punishment Spanking.

I had to assist in the principal’s office again and discipline another half dozen naughty students.

The Littles Party in Sarah’s suite was later on in the evening and I went to that. She had many little playmates there and they were all well behaved, thankfully. I’m not a “littles” fan and only go because it means so much to Sarah to have her Momma there. Sometimes these play parties can get out of hand with a bunch of over-sized brats throwing paper airplanes, shooting water pistols and just being annoying. I have no patience for this whatsoever!


Sunday June 22: Sarah, Paul, and I shot a video titled Prom Night Punishment and Daddy Paul and I are not too happy with her staying out past her curfew. She gets an OTK from me and Daddy, then he takes his belt to her.

Late in the afternoon I met up with Miss Chris and Jenni and GivanTake. He has been under a lot of stress lately and needed to be spanked really bad. Miss Chris and I took him by the hand and brought him up to her room and proceeded to give him a severe lickin’ while Jenni watched. He yelled and kicked, and cried and bawled like a baby which was exactly what he needed to release all that pent up stress. We got him good!


That evening we all went out for our family dinner – GivanTake, Miss Chris, Sarah, Jenni, and Bobby too. What a wonderful way to wind down from a busy party weekend.

I headed for home Monday afternoon and got right back to work on my web site. I saw 3 more clients before I left for Canada. To read all about them, join my web site for full access to my discipline diary, video clips, photos, and of course, testimonials from my many satisfied fans. Oh, and this summer as always, I have my “Post Cards From Dana” video clips each week.

That’s it for the summer, my naughtys. My next diary will appear sometime late September. ‘Til then – behave! xx