October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

I had a wonderful trip to New Jersey and it was nice to relax and take a break from my busy schedule. Just before I left, I saw 4 clients and did some work on my web site. I still have a lot of computer work to do so this week I plan to update my member’s area with new video clips and pix. I had 4 clients this week and you can read all about their spankings in my member’s Diary.

Good news this week is I have 4 new videos added to my store:

Naughty Siblings with Sarah and Justin as my 2 naughty kids
Your Spanking – a point of view type of video but with a male model taking all the spankings
Prom Night Punishment with Sarah and her daddy Paul
Bad Babysitter with Sarah and introducing Tasha as the Bad Babysitter

I’m excited about my new videos and I’m sure there’s something of interest for everyone.

I’m heading to Chicago next week for Crimson Moon where I’ll be doing sessions and video shoots. My dates are Oct 22 – 28.

I’m going to Dallas Nov 12 – 19 for a personal visit plus do a few sessions with some of my regular Texas boys.

That’s it for this week. Behave!

Dana’s Discipline Diary

Dana’s Discipline Diary

Summer 2014

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I’m back from my summer hiatus in Canada with my family and I had the best summer yet. Both my boys stayed at my trailer with me the entire summer and I loved every minute of it – cooking them breakfast in the morning, making lunches, fixing fabulous dinners and generally being a Mom to them again. Lots of great music, laughter, friends, walks on the beach and beautiful relaxing sunny days.
My poor little trailer is starting to show its age though, and I’m worried how long it will last me before I have to buy a new one. It is quite small especially when three adults are living in it, not to mention when friends come over to listen to my son play guitar, it gets pretty crowded. I was lucky this year without having too many expenses and I managed to get by with only a burst pipe that cost me $25. One of my friends was nearby when the pipe broke and he shut the water off and showed me the piece that needed to be replaced. I had the pipe fixed and my water turned back on within 24 hours.

I got home Tuesday the 23rd around 6:00pm after a long travel day. The flights went smoothly and no crying babies on board, which was a relief.

I was able to relax and get back into my California life for a couple of days before I started doing sessions. I had 4 in a row and it felt good to be back in my spanking room taking care of business.

Ben was my first naughty boy and he needed a hard punishment session for texting and driving.
Timothy came the next day and needed to be reminded about going back to the gym.
Bobbi-Jo was next and she needed a good cry after the long summer without me.
Steven was the last visitor and he brought a letter from Nancy telling me about his behavior over the summer.

To read the details about their spankings, check my members area.