I know I haven’t written for about a month but my spanking room has been quiet as it usually is for the month of January. So many of you are getting over the expense of the holidays, which is understandable, so I always use the month to rest, recoup, and plan my upcoming trips. I will be heading to Las Vegas this week (Feb 25 – 29) to attend the 3rd annual 50 Freaks spanking event. Sarah and I are shooting a video with Ten and another hot one with Lee. Lee has been the naughty culprit in the video clips posted these last 3 weeks and he is chomping at the bit to do another one with us. I don’t have a theme yet, but we’ll think of something and tan his bottom red once more. Ten is a model that Sarah has shot with before and I am looking forward to spanking her beautiful bottom in our upcoming shoot. She is a heavy player, so you can expect a lot of hair brush action on her well defined bottom. She also puts on a cute pouty face when she’s scolded and spanked.

My next trip will be to Hartford right before Boardwalk Badness. Sarah and I are shooting another custom video for our client from the UK – he’s the one that wrote the scene for 50’s Style Maternal Discipline, so expect another classy old fashioned discipline movie soon. Sarah is hiring 6 young ladies to bottom for us and 2 female tops plus myself. Can’t wait to read his next story line and set up the lights and cameras for this next shoot. Oh, I should give you my travel dates for the east coast. Hartford April 14 – 20 and Atlantic City April 20 – 25.

My good girl Bobbi-Jo came to see me last week for her second trip over my lap since her hip surgery. She is doing very well and walks with just a slight limp. And, like the good girl she is she continues to do her exercises to help build strength in her legs again.
When she arrived at my house for her session she told me she has been under a lot of stress lately and after we finished she told me she felt so much better. She did cry while I spanked her but it took her a bit longer to let it all out this time. She was more sensitive this time when I used my leather implements on her and had to use her safe word a few times…. read more by joining my web site.