December 6, 2016

Here we are again – another Christmas season has begun and I bet a few of you made my naughty list this year. I’ll be seeing my good girl Bobbie-Jo today for her monthly maintenance spanking, and my naughty boy Kent will come see me later this month. My bad boy Ben was here last month, so curl up, grab a cup of egg nog and I’ll tell you all about his punishment spanking.

Ben always stays for a 2 hour session because we go through a few scenarios. I usually play the role as a mother, aunt, or strict disciplinarian. This time when he knocked on the door, I answered in my Aunt Dana character. I was wearing shorts and a t shirt, and sandals. Remember on Ben’s last session I broke one of my sandals on his bare bottom? Well, I found another pair which worked just as well. I scolded Ben for being late coming home from school and I immediately told him to pull his pants down and bend over my knee. He protested and pouted but I gave him a stern look and pointed to my lap and he reluctantly went across my knee. I spanked him fast and furious with my hand, scolding him the whole time, then I told him to slip the sandal off my foot and hand it to me. He said “no” so I spanked him again with my hand until he handed me the sandal. He knew what he was in for and I didn’t hold back. The sandal did an excellent job turning Ben’s bare behind red, and it didn’t break this time. I guess the leather is stronger on this pair. I let Ben have a break for awhile before we did the corporal punishment segment. I allow him to kiss my feet and toes which gives him comfort and calms him, he tells me. I then led him out to the garage and got him ready for the next punishment phase. It had to be pretty scary for Ben, standing out there naked and not knowing what I was going to do next. Would I hit the garage door opener so his bare bottom was exposed for all the neighbors to see? Not likely, but Ben didn’t know if I would or wouldn’t. I put a blindfold on him and dressed him in a hospital gown that he brought me to keep for future sessions. Great idea, Ben! The hospital gown tied in back and gave me easy access to his bare bottom. He extended his hands to me and I handcuffed his wrists, then I led him back into the house and over to my dining room table where I had ropes tied around the bottom of the pedestal legs and drawn up across the table so I could tie the ends to his cuffed hands. The chair was turned around so he could kneel on it and bend over across the table. I tied his hands, then took 2 belts and wrapped them around his legs below the knees, which I had wrapped tightly with saran wrap to keep him from kicking and squirming off the chair. (Another great idea from Ben!) Soon he was safely secured and ready to take whatever I gave him. My implements were in the kitchen so Ben didn’t see them when he first got to the house. I didn’t speak, I didn’t scold, I just went about my business of administering a severe whipping to my naughty boy. I began with the reform school strap, then the Spencer strap and London Tanner. He yelled and begged me to go easy on him but my ears were deaf to his pleas. Red angry strap marks were across both cheeks and a few lashes landed on his hips caused by him moving around in pain. I picked up my big wooden Spencer paddle and gave him some pretty hard whacks with that, followed by the Lickin’ stick, then another series of hard leather strappings. His bare bottom had a bit of spank rash and a spot that would bruise after a day or so and his entire backside was deep red. I rested and didn’t say anything, making him wonder if there was more to come. But he was done, I could tell, so I removed his blindfold, untied the ropes, freed his legs and removed the handcuffs. We went back into the spanking room and I put some ice on his bottom and lotion and let him kiss my feet again. We finished with me sitting on the bed and giving him a nice long hand spanking. Ben called me the next day and said the marks weren’t too bad and that this visit was his best punishment session yet. Good Ben. I hope I taught you a good lesson and you’ll do as I say from now on.

Now for my updates:

Over the next 4 weeks I’ll post a Christmas cover girl photo. Some of you long time members have seen these pix before but the new members will have a chance to see Mrs. Santa checking her naughty list. I’ll also be posting Christmas video clips from my movie I did with Lee called “Seasons Beatings”. There are 12 clips total which will be posted over the month of December. And, since it’s Christmas and I’m in a good mood, you all get an early gift from me this week. The first 2 clips from “Strictmore Academy Year One” are posted today. Yay!! Sarah and I shot this last April as a custom video for our client in England. She had a lot of editing to do with it so that’s why it’s so late coming out. It’s based in the 50’s and there are flashbacks in black and white and narrations throughout. It’s similar to our “1950’s Maternal Discipline” movie we made, only this one has 7 naughty college students and 3 dominant women. There are photos in my gallery too.

OK that about covers my diary for now. I’ll have more spanking stories to tell you next week. ‘Til then, behave!