December 6, 2016

Here we are again – another Christmas season has begun and I bet a few of you made my naughty list this year. I’ll be seeing my good girl Bobbie-Jo today for her monthly maintenance spanking, and my naughty boy Kent will come see me later this month. My bad boy Ben was here last month, so curl up, grab a cup of egg nog and I’ll tell you all about his punishment spanking.

Ben always stays for a 2 hour session because we go through a few scenarios. I usually play the role as a mother, aunt, or strict disciplinarian. This time when he knocked on the door, I answered in my Aunt Dana character. I was wearing shorts and a t shirt, and sandals. Remember on Ben’s last session I broke one of my sandals on his bare bottom? Well, I found another pair which worked just as well. I scolded Ben for being late coming home from school and I immediately told him to pull his pants down and bend over my knee. He protested and pouted but I gave him a stern look and pointed to my lap and he reluctantly went across my knee. I spanked him fast and furious with my hand, scolding him the whole time, then I told him to slip the sandal off my foot and hand it to me. He said “no” so I spanked him again with my hand until he handed me the sandal. He knew what he was in for and I didn’t hold back. The sandal did an excellent job turning Ben’s bare behind red, and it didn’t break this time. I guess the leather is stronger on this pair. I let Ben have a break for awhile before we did the corporal punishment segment. I allow him to kiss my feet and toes which gives him comfort and calms him, he tells me. I then led him out to the garage and got him ready for the next punishment phase. It had to be pretty scary for Ben, standing out there naked and not knowing what I was going to do next. Would I hit the garage door opener so his bare bottom was exposed for all the neighbors to see? Not likely, but Ben didn’t know if I would or wouldn’t. I put a blindfold on him and dressed him in a hospital gown that he brought me to keep for future sessions. Great idea, Ben! The hospital gown tied in back and gave me easy access to his bare bottom. He extended his hands to me and I handcuffed his wrists, then I led him back into the house and over to my dining room table where I had ropes tied around the bottom of the pedestal legs and drawn up across the table so I could tie the ends to his cuffed hands. The chair was turned around so he could kneel on it and bend over across the table. I tied his hands, then took 2 belts and wrapped them around his legs below the knees, which I had wrapped tightly with saran wrap to keep him from kicking and squirming off the chair. (Another great idea from Ben!) Soon he was safely secured and ready to take whatever I gave him. My implements were in the kitchen so Ben didn’t see them when he first got to the house. I didn’t speak, I didn’t scold, I just went about my business of administering a severe whipping to my naughty boy. I began with the reform school strap, then the Spencer strap and London Tanner. He yelled and begged me to go easy on him but my ears were deaf to his pleas. Red angry strap marks were across both cheeks and a few lashes landed on his hips caused by him moving around in pain. I picked up my big wooden Spencer paddle and gave him some pretty hard whacks with that, followed by the Lickin’ stick, then another series of hard leather strappings. His bare bottom had a bit of spank rash and a spot that would bruise after a day or so and his entire backside was deep red. I rested and didn’t say anything, making him wonder if there was more to come. But he was done, I could tell, so I removed his blindfold, untied the ropes, freed his legs and removed the handcuffs. We went back into the spanking room and I put some ice on his bottom and lotion and let him kiss my feet again. We finished with me sitting on the bed and giving him a nice long hand spanking. Ben called me the next day and said the marks weren’t too bad and that this visit was his best punishment session yet. Good Ben. I hope I taught you a good lesson and you’ll do as I say from now on.

Now for my updates:

Over the next 4 weeks I’ll post a Christmas cover girl photo. Some of you long time members have seen these pix before but the new members will have a chance to see Mrs. Santa checking her naughty list. I’ll also be posting Christmas video clips from my movie I did with Lee called “Seasons Beatings”. There are 12 clips total which will be posted over the month of December. And, since it’s Christmas and I’m in a good mood, you all get an early gift from me this week. The first 2 clips from “Strictmore Academy Year One” are posted today. Yay!! Sarah and I shot this last April as a custom video for our client in England. She had a lot of editing to do with it so that’s why it’s so late coming out. It’s based in the 50’s and there are flashbacks in black and white and narrations throughout. It’s similar to our “1950’s Maternal Discipline” movie we made, only this one has 7 naughty college students and 3 dominant women. There are photos in my gallery too.

OK that about covers my diary for now. I’ll have more spanking stories to tell you next week. ‘Til then, behave!


I know I haven’t written for about a month but my spanking room has been quiet as it usually is for the month of January. So many of you are getting over the expense of the holidays, which is understandable, so I always use the month to rest, recoup, and plan my upcoming trips. I will be heading to Las Vegas this week (Feb 25 – 29) to attend the 3rd annual 50 Freaks spanking event. Sarah and I are shooting a video with Ten and another hot one with Lee. Lee has been the naughty culprit in the video clips posted these last 3 weeks and he is chomping at the bit to do another one with us. I don’t have a theme yet, but we’ll think of something and tan his bottom red once more. Ten is a model that Sarah has shot with before and I am looking forward to spanking her beautiful bottom in our upcoming shoot. She is a heavy player, so you can expect a lot of hair brush action on her well defined bottom. She also puts on a cute pouty face when she’s scolded and spanked.

My next trip will be to Hartford right before Boardwalk Badness. Sarah and I are shooting another custom video for our client from the UK – he’s the one that wrote the scene for 50’s Style Maternal Discipline, so expect another classy old fashioned discipline movie soon. Sarah is hiring 6 young ladies to bottom for us and 2 female tops plus myself. Can’t wait to read his next story line and set up the lights and cameras for this next shoot. Oh, I should give you my travel dates for the east coast. Hartford April 14 – 20 and Atlantic City April 20 – 25.

My good girl Bobbi-Jo came to see me last week for her second trip over my lap since her hip surgery. She is doing very well and walks with just a slight limp. And, like the good girl she is she continues to do her exercises to help build strength in her legs again.
When she arrived at my house for her session she told me she has been under a lot of stress lately and after we finished she told me she felt so much better. She did cry while I spanked her but it took her a bit longer to let it all out this time. She was more sensitive this time when I used my leather implements on her and had to use her safe word a few times…. read more by joining my web site.



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December 29, 2015

Happy New Year my naughtys. Let’s hope and pray the coming year will bring peace and restore our faith in our country.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and Santa was good to you, whether you were on his naughty list or not. My Christmas was wonderful and I got spoiled with so many beautiful gifts from my special clients and friends and family. But, I am glad that it’s over and I can get back to my regular routine without worrying about deadlines and commitments. Bah-Humbug!

I saw my naughty boy Michael for a spanking session before Christmas and this was his first visit back to me after my return from Canada. Michael told me he’d been a pretty good boy all summer and I believed him. Come to find out, he lapsed back into his nasty habit the day before he visited me and didn’t tell me. I think he was afraid to confess sitting there and looking at all the implements I had chosen to spank him with and figured he’d lie and not get a hard spanking.

I saw a new naughty boy last week – another Michael, and he had never been spanked before. Like all of you, he was curious to experience a real spanking and he contacted me to schedule a session. He made a mistake and didn’t call me before he left to drive down here so I assumed he was going to be a no-show. I got myself ready and my spanking room set up just in case he would show up, and he called me ten minutes before his appointment and announced he was here. I told him to cool his heels for fifteen minutes so I could finish setting up my spanking room and then I called him when I was ready.

I decided I would use the fact that he didn’t call ahead of time like he was supposed to, as a good reason to spank him so after I led him into my spanking room and sat him down, I let him have a good tongue lashing.

Become a member of my site and you can read all the exciting details of the two Michael spankings. Also, get full video downloads, video clips and action photos.

Dana’s Discipline Diary December 1, 2015


December 1, 2015

I’m sorry I didn’t get a diary written for last week but I was quite busy preparing for Thanksgiving plus I had out of town company for the week.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all my loyal members, clients, and spanking friends. Did you watch the “A Not So Happy Spanksgiving” video in my members section during the holiday? Sarah and Paul and I had so much fun filming this scene and Sarah played the spoiled brat as usual and got a good spanking from and me.

I’ll soon have our latest video “50’s Style Spanking” edited and clipped to post on my site and I can’t wait to watch it myself. I think this will be our best video yet! Sarah spent hours with the editing and some scenes will be shown in black and white with Sarah doing a narration of the scene. It took us 8 hours to film this video over 2 days so we all put a lot of work into it. The lovely Adriana played my daughter and Sarah was my niece. You saw Adriana in “Pajama Party Punishment”.

I saw 2 naughty boys before the Thanksgiving week – Val and Steven. Sign up to become a member of my site so you can read all about their sessions. Also, the latest photos on my free tour page give you a peek at what’s inside for this week. The new episode is “Old Fashioned Discipline” with Sarah, Uncle GivanTake and myself and we spank her bottom red before she is sent to bed to receive the strap from the both of us. Just like the good ol’ days when spanking was the best method of punishment for naughty miscreants.



November 17, 2015

Here we are just a week before Thanksgiving and then the Christmas rush begins. Seems like yesterday I was planning a big turkey dinner and heading out shopping on black Friday. I know a lot of my regular naughty boys and girls will try and visit me before the busy season begins. My naughty boy Steven will be here this week to get his tune-up before I get too busy and Ben said he’s going to try and visit me for a bottom blistering too. Ben said he wants me to take him past his limits this time. Be careful what you wish for, Ben.

When you open up my tour page on my web site, you’ll see the latest episode for the week featured at the top. If you’re a member you have access to the many photos and video clips as well as full videos. This week I’ve added rhe last 3 clips of “A Not So Happy Spanksgiving” and the full video will be posted next week. I have many sign up options for you now so the site is not just a recurring membership any more. You can now sign up for a one month trial, as well as a recurring option, a three month non recurring membership, or a six month non recurring membership.

My favorite naughty boy Lincoln came to see me over the weekend and we didn’t do a scenario this time. He just needed a stress relief spanking so I pushed him past his limits with a long hard hand spanking, strapping, paddling, and caning. Read more in my member’s section.

Kent came to see me right after I sent Lincoln on his way and it was his first visit with me. He was a little nervous (like you all are) but we sat and chatted for awhile until his jitters calmed down then I went into action. Kent prefers an OTK with my hand and then the wooden implements so I made sure he was warmed up to a heated pink fanny before I went to the wood pile. Read more in my member’s section.

Sarah sent me the edited video of “Liar Liar Panties On Fire” which we filmed right after I arrived home from Canada. I’ll post the first couple of clips and photos in a couple of weeks.



I want to express my gratitude to all the veterans this week as we pause to remember our fallen soldiers and POW’s. Without your bravery and dedication to this great country of ours, we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom we have now. Thank you, all you men and women who have served in the military and those of you who are still in active duty.

I know February is a few months away but I want to let you know that I’ll be attending the 50 Freaks spanking party in Las Vegas Feb. 25 – 29. I’ll be filming videos and doing sessions and would love to see my naughty boys and girls who live in or near Vegas. Email me to schedule your appointment. After the party weekend, Sarah and her beau John will come to Carmel for a visit and stay for a few days. We plan to shoot more videos then, and see clients as well.

My naughty girl Amy came and spent the weekend with me and we had a fun time. I hadn’t seen her since I left for Canada in June so we had a lot of catching up to do. She definitely needed a spanking too! I asked her if it would be a punishment spanking and she told me she had been pretty good all summer with nothing to confess other than speeding a little on her drive up to Carmel. I asked her how fast she was going and she said only about 5 – 10 miles over the limit and she was going with the flow of traffic. I considered punishing her for this but realized I am guilty of the same thing when I drive, so we left it at that and her spanking was a stress relief spanking. To learn more of Li’l Amy and her bare bottom spanking, join my web site.



NOVEMBER 3, 2015


Just got back from Crimson Moon in Chicago and a quick visit with Sarah Gregory in Hartford. The party was great and I saw 2 new clients and filmed a video, which hopefully will be edited and sent to me soon. I shot it with FunAllowed and 2 naughty girls Summer’s, Dream and Sunny Side Sub. This was a first for them to go over my knee and they were awesome models. I spanked them both with my hand, then strapped them and paddled their bare bottoms.

Sarah and I also shot a custom video for a client we’ve worked for in the past and this one was quite elaborate with scenes and costumes and some scenes done in black and white. It’s a 50’s style domestic scenario and I know it will be a hot seller for the both of us. Sarah will be busy editing this one and I’m sure she’ll work her magic on it like all the others.

Sarah finished a video we filmed at my house in Carmel “Scolded and Spanked” and it’s available for sale now in my DVD store. I’ve posted the first 2 clips and set of pix in my members area.

Prior to my trips to Chicago and Hartford, I saw 3 of my regular clients – Ben, Kevin, and Bobbi-Jo. For more details on their spanking sessions, go to my members area.

Dana’s Discipline Diary November 5 – 11, 2014


Dana’s Discipline diary

November 5 – 11, 2014

I want to honor all veterans today and thank you for your service to our country. It is because of you that we enjoy freedom and democracy and I can’t express my thanks to you enough. Whenever I see a soldier whether he or she is passing me on the street or in an airport, I always make it a point to extend my hand and thank them for their service.

I did 4 sessions last week so I was very busy in my spanking room. All the details are in my Diary in my members section.

I head to Dallas tomorrow to attend a wedding and see a couple of my naughty boys. I’ll be back in Carmel on the 18th and plan to stay here until BBW in April. I might go to Vegas in February for 50 Freaks but haven’t decided yet. Check my travel schedule!

‘Til next week – behave!

October 21 – November 4, 2014

October 21 – November 4, 2014


I had a wonderful time in Chicago attending Crimson Moons’ annual Spooktacular Halloween party. So many of my spanking friends were there and I met some new spankos as well. I was busy disciplining naughty boys – I had 5 to deal with all together, plus Sarah and I shot 2 new videos. One was done with Alex Reynolds, who I haven’t shot with before, and she proved to be an excellent spanking model. She sure can take a hard hairbrush spanking. We haven’t titled this video yet but when we do, I’ll post it in my diaries so you’ll know what to watch for. The theme was 2 college girls on a trip with me to check out colleges. They sneak out to a frat party and the cops brought them home. You can image what happened when I answered the door! The 2nd video is titled “Little Sarah’s Spanking” and the title tells you Sarah is playing a little girl. She is all dressed up in her new pink dress to attend a birthday party buy her attitude makes Momma Dana angry and little Sarah gets a bare bottom spanking. Very cute and maternal.


For all the details on my naughty boys who paid me a visit at Crimson moon, join my web site to read more.

October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

I had a wonderful trip to New Jersey and it was nice to relax and take a break from my busy schedule. Just before I left, I saw 4 clients and did some work on my web site. I still have a lot of computer work to do so this week I plan to update my member’s area with new video clips and pix. I had 4 clients this week and you can read all about their spankings in my member’s Diary.

Good news this week is I have 4 new videos added to my store:

Naughty Siblings with Sarah and Justin as my 2 naughty kids
Your Spanking – a point of view type of video but with a male model taking all the spankings
Prom Night Punishment with Sarah and her daddy Paul
Bad Babysitter with Sarah and introducing Tasha as the Bad Babysitter

I’m excited about my new videos and I’m sure there’s something of interest for everyone.

I’m heading to Chicago next week for Crimson Moon where I’ll be doing sessions and video shoots. My dates are Oct 22 – 28.

I’m going to Dallas Nov 12 – 19 for a personal visit plus do a few sessions with some of my regular Texas boys.

That’s it for this week. Behave!