Get Well Soon, Jean Paul

I just found out that my good friend Jean Paul (JP) from Texas has stage 3 lung cancer and I am sick about it.  We go way back attending all the spanking parties and he’s one of my best friends in the scene.  My lap is  always ready for him and he loves the way I paddle him.    He and I share the same taste in music and the love of animals and nature’s beauty.  He sends me the most beautiful and interesting posts, always kind and loving types nothing negative or hateful.
He only has Medicare and no supplemental so good friends of his set up a GoFundMe to help cover his costs for treatment. I hate cancer. But I beat it and I know JP will kick it’s ass too.
Here are some stills from The Boss’s Brush.


One thought on “Get Well Soon, Jean Paul”

  1. Sad to learn of this as l enjoyed JP’s company in better times at spanking parties. Cancer can be such a curse. I hope he pulls through ok.

    Best Irish blessings to ye both.
    Frank 🇮🇪

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