New Audiobook: David’s Summer Spankings


Dana’s second 2+ hour audiobook chronicles the coming-of-age romance of Vicki and David, two college students who bond after witnessing each other’s spankings at the hands of Vicki’s ferocious mother Kathy. It’s told from the point of view of David, a closet spanko who lives in a world where college students who live at home still get spanked. Well … all of them except him! Left to spent the summer with the neighbors he watches as the older girl-next-door is mercilessly spanked and hairbrushed by her mother Kathy, based loosely on the character from the David & Dana videos series. Soon he finds himself in the same position and one thing leads to another.

To buy the complete 2-hour, 15-minute downloadable clip, click “Add to Cart” below:

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