A Guided Self-Spanking


A unique twist combining the popular subgenres of self-spanking and point-of-view scolding. Dana gives you a ferocious scolding and then forcefully guides you through a very hard self-spanking, somehow always seeming to know when you’re trying to go too easy on yourself. It’s filed under FM but if you mentally replace “young man” with “young lady” it works just as well.

BEHIND THE CAMERA WITH DANA: I shot this video at the same time I did one with Christopher, so I was up to give another tongue-lashing and spanking. I had never done a POV before and Jennifer asked if I’d like to try. I’m always up for a challenge or something new, so I said “sure how do I do it?” She told me just to look into the camera and pretend there’s a naughty boy in there. “Use your imagination as to what he did, how upset you are, how you’re going to punish him, and make him spank himself. Stand, pace, sit; do what you would if you actually had him here in front of you instead of the camera.” This was going to take much thought so, as they were changing scenes and cleaning up and getting the cameras and lights set up, I stepped outside and started thinking. In no time, I knew what I was going to open up with and after that I wasn’t worried cause I knew I would wing it like I do with my audios and private sessions. And the end result is a very satisfying first POV video of me giving you a spanking when I can’t be there.”

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