A Very Angry Mom


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Dana made a series of films with David, one of the most talented male subs in the spanking video genre. This collaboration-made-in-heaven covers a wide range of emotions – from ultra-strict to warmly maternal, and a wide range of scenarios – from pure domestic mother-son to some very kinky subject matter. But even the kinkiest plot lines retain the richly resonant emotions of real domestic discipline. Stay tuned for much more from this pairing.

BEHIND THE CAMERA WITH DANA: “David is my favorite male model of all time because he is so boyish looking and takes a real hard spanking. We had an instant connection just like Sarah and I did, and fed off each other’s words, body language, everything. It’s so easy to get into the role of David’s mother when this sissy boy is begging and pleading for me not to spank him.”


After a wickedly hard hand spanking, the angry mom realizes that her son has stolen the neighbor lady’s panties, leading to a tour de force of slippering, hairbrushing, strapping, caning, and paddling.

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