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An Interview From Those Innocent pre-Covid Days

This one-hour interview features multiple clips from Dana’s spanking videos. The interviewer is a spanking video star and the proprietor of one of the internet’s greatest spanking treasures: The House of Richard Windsor.





New Store & Filmography Open for Business!

151 Dana Specht films are now available as downloadable MP4s. You can sort by title, length, price, type (FF, FM, Kinky, etc.), and co-stars. You can also click the "Type" dropdown menu to filter out all except your favorite gender combination.

If the title is blue, you can click it to see a trailer on that film's home page (every film will eventually have its own home page).

If the title is black, you can buy the downloadable MP4, but there's no preview yet (there's a still photo and a description in the old clip store and you can send a message in the contact form if you have questions about products). Clicking the "Add to Cart" button takes you to the checkout page where you can purchase the MP4, after which Dana will send you a download link by email within 24 hours. If you want multiple titles, just click your browser's back button to return from the cart to this page. (The "Continue Shopping" button in the cart will take you to the old store). If you prefer DVDs, some of these can be bought in the old DVD store. Have fun!

TitleLength PriceTypeStarring 
1950s-Style Spanking77 min.77$34F/FAdriana, Sarah
A Self-Guided Spanking18 min.18$17F/MYou!
A Very Angry Mom 18 min.18$29F/MDavid
Bikini to the Bare15 min.15$10F/FSarah
Butt on Fire14 min.14$10F/FSarah
Phone Chat with Dana30 min.30$50Phone SessionYou!
Christopher Meets the Boss28 min.28$27F/MChristopher
Christopher Meets the Hairbrush31 min.31$29F/MChristopher
Dana Disciplines Desirée29 min.29$24F/FDesirée
David and the Babysitter51 min.51$29F/MDavid
David Meets Dana19 min.19$18F/MDavid #2
David's Little Secret54 min.54$29KinkyDavid
David's Strict Mom40 min.40$29F/MDavid
Detention Discipline36 min.36$29F/FJordana, Sarah
Femme-Dommes' Party44 min.44$24FFF/MMichele, Mistress Sandy, Lee
Katie 1 (Just Spankings)16 min.16$15F/FKatie
Katie 1 (Full)34 min.34$29KinkyKatie
It's All Her Fault35 min.35$24F/FJoelle, Sarah
Jonathan 2: Down Home Discipline50 min.50$29F/MJonathan
Jonathan 3: A Paddling for Jonathan16 min.16$16F/MJonathan, Christopher
Jonathan 4: The Cane and the Strap20 min.
+23 min.
20$29F/MJonathan, Christopher, Janet Beckwith
Jonathan 129 min.29$28F/MJonathan
Michele the Brat I60 min.60$24F/FMichele
Michele the Brat II35 min.35$24F/FMichele
Misbehavin' Sisters43 min.43$29F/FKat St. James, Sarah
Molly Gives Her 1st Spanking
105 min.105$19F/MDana plays all 5 parts (audio, no video)
Momma's Rebellious Brat33 min.33$24F/FSarah
Pajama Party Punishment35 min.35$29F/FAdriana, Sarah
Sarah's Real Punishment22 min.22$21F/FSarah
Sarah's Strict Mom56 min.56$34F/FSarah
Sarah's Summer Spankings59 min.59$29F/FSarah
Sent to the Principal17 min.17$17F/FBianca, Sarah
Soap Operas21 min.21$19SoapAdriana, Luci, Sarah
Spanked by Teacher Spanked by Mom24 min.24$24F/FStevie, Sarah
Spanked for Stealing29 min.29$26F/FHarley, Sarah
Spanked Sober36 min.36$29F/FTen, Sarah
Steven's Bad Day27 min.27$19F/MCelia, Steven
Strictmoor: Gillian & Helen74 min.74$34F/FRachel, Luci
Swimsuit Spankings38 min.38$24F/FPandora, Sarah
Time For His Caning55 min.29$29F/MLee
Two Punished Brats34 min.34$24F/FAlex Reynolds, Sarah
Where Are Your Panties?44 min.44$29F/FAmelia, Sarah
A Caning for the Teacher47 min.47$29F/FAndrea
A Good Mouthsoaping for a Bad Boy41 min.41$26SoapDavid
A Not-So-Happy Spanksgiving32 min.32$29FM/FSarah, Tubaman
A Very Angry Boss48 min.48$29F/MLee
Adriana's Attitude Adjustment29 min.29$28F/FAdriana
Alexandria The Naughty Schoolgirl60 min60$29F/FAlexandria
An Old-Fashioned Spanking46 min.46$29FM/FSarah, Givan
Anne of Red Bottoms37 min.37$29F/FMelody, Sarah
Anything You Say, Ma'am40 min.40$29KinkySarah
Ariel Spanked at Home14 min.14$9F/FAriel
Ariel Spanked at School23 min.23$19F/FAriel
Bad Babysitter26 min.26$14F/FTasha
Bad Influence44 min.44$29F/MLee, Larry
Behavior Therapy44 min.44$29F/MLee
Caught in the Act20 min.20$14F/FSarah
Christmas Spanking Story32 min.32$24FM/FSarah, Givan
Cousins Misbehavin'60 min.60$29F/FGoldie, Bobby Kat
Cousins Punished45 min.45$29F/FKiki, Cara
Cry and Punishment27 min.27$19F/FSarah
Cry Baby Cry43 min.43$29F/MCountess Wolfsong, Lee
Steven's Bad Day35 min.35$24F/FAmelia, Sarah
Dana's Domestic Discipline49 min.49$29F/MDonnie
Dana's Foot Tease56 min.56$29FeetDana
Dana's Pretty Panty Boy58 min.58$29KinkyJeanine
Dana's Sound Advice40 min.40$29FM/FJohn, Sarah
Daughter-in-Law 134 min.34$24FM/FSelena, Scott
Daughter-in-Law 245 min.45$24F/FSelena
Daughter-in-Law 345 min.45$24F/FSelena
Daughter-in-Law 438 min.38$24F/FSelena
Debra's New Boss30 min.30$24F/FDebra, Celia
Delta's Maternal Discipline10 min.10$9F/FDelta
Discipline Therapy56 min.56$34F/FSarah
Double Domme Discipline47 min.47$14F/MLee, Sarah
Double Trouble for Lee53 min.53$24FF/MLee, Princess Gail
Double Trouble for Sarah28 min.28$24F/FElizabeth, Sarah
Grin and Bare It26 min.26$24FM/FSarah, Tubaman
Hairbrush Discipline33 min.33$24F/MLee
High Class Punishment37 min.37$29F/MLee
Hot Lunch55 min.55$29F/MLee, Sarah
How to Punish Your Playboy Husband50 min.50$19F/MLee
I Wish My Wife Would Spank Me39 min.39$29F/MMistress Sandy, Jack
Introduction to Dana Specht59 min.59$34F/MLee
Johnnie's Birthday Spankings-Year 159 min.59$24F/MJohnnie
Johnnie's Birthday Spankings-Year 244 min.44$19F/MJohnnie
Lazy Maid12 min.12$10F/FSarah
Lesbian Lovers Spanked34 min.34$27F/FJordana, Sarah
Liar Liar Panties on Fire25 min.25$19F/FSarah
Little Red Bottom Hood24 min.24$24F/FJordana
Little Sarah's Spanking19 min.19$14F/FSarah
Maid for Punishment 157 min.57$29FM/FMGivan, Sarah
Maid for Punishment II32 min.32$24F/FMSarah, Givan
Momma Spanks Goodnight38 min.38$24F/FSarah
Momma Spanks Lola13 min.13$12F/FLola
Momma's Hard Hand17 min.17$12F/FSarah
More Tears for Sarah16 min.16$14F/FSarah
Mothers Spank Daughters31 min.31$29F/FStevie, Ava Nicole, Elizabeth
Naughty Girls Need to go to Bed23 min.23$19F/FRardy's Girls
Naughty Siblings24 min.24$19F/FMSarah, Justin
No Daughter of Mine35 min.35$24F/FSarah
Not Home Alone24 min.24$19F/FSarah
Nothing But The Strap50 min.50$29F/MLee
Office Punishment43 min.43$12F/MBob
OTK to PhD29 min.29$19F/MRick
Panty Punishment59 min.59$29F/FSarah
Panty Thief Paddling30 min.30$24F/MBobby, Sarah
Poor Sarah-Punished Again41 min.41$29F/FSarah
Prom Night Punishment35 min.35$24FM/FSarah, Tubaman
Punished for Peeping32 min.32$29F/MDavid
Punished Maintenance Man42 min.42$24F/MLee
PunishedBlackmailBeauty 135 min.35$19F/FAmber, Lee
PunishedBlackmailBeauty 227 min.27$19M/FAmber, Lee
Raging Wife, Angry Mistress26 min.26$19F/MLee, Sarah
Room Service and ReSpecht18 min.18$14FeetDana
Ruby's Discipline Training40 min.40$24FM/FRuby, Lee
Sarah Gregory's Day Off38 min.38$29F/FSarah
Sarah's Shameful Spanking26 min.26$24F/FSarah
Sarah's Spring Break Spankings47 min.47$29FM/FRichard Windsor, Sarah
Sarah's Sub Space Treat40 min.40$29KinkySarah, Bernadette
Scolded and Spanked24 min.24$14F/FSarah
Scolding During Discipline45 min.45$24F/MRick
Seasons Beatings42 min.42$24F/MLee
Six Spanked Bottoms27 min.27$19F/FKatie, Celia + 4
Spanked at School, Spanked at Home32 min.32$24F/FSarah
Spanked Diapered Brat21 min.21$14KinkySarah
Spanked for Spying52 min.52$29F/MLee
Spanked to Tears38 min.38$24F/FSarah
Spanking Interrogation40 min.40$24KinkySarah
Spanking Party Weekend46 min.46$29F/FChristie Cutie, Sarah
Stress Relief Spanking56 min.56$29F/FSarah
Strictmoor: Year 1169 min.169$49F/FBianca, Adriana, Stevie, Jordana...
Strictmoor: Year 2146 min.146$49F/FAdriana, Angel, Harley...
Sweet and Severe52 min.52$29F/MLee
Teacher Learns a Lesson14 min.14$10F/FSarah
That's How You Spank Naughty Girls28 min.28$14F/FSunny, Alicia
The Boss's Brush18 min.18$10F/MJean Paul
The Disappointing Daughter38 min.38$29F/FSarah
The Disciplinarian I40 min.40$29F/MJohnnie
The Disciplinarian II54 min.54$33F/MJohnnie
The Footstool16 min.16$10FeetDana
The Paddled Princess28 min.28$19F/FSarah
The Spanking Counselor22 min.22$14F/MKatherine Worthington, Bobby
The Spanking Lesson35 min.35$24F/MBobby
The Spoiled Niece32 min.32$19FM/FAngel Faith, Lee
Under Dana's Feet49 min.49$29FeetJack
Weeding Out Disobedience12 min.12$12F/FAnastasia
You Must Spank Your Daughter36 min.36$29F/FMandy, Sarah
Your Punishment42 min.42$24F/MJohnnie
Point of View Scolding (2004)8 min.8$5PoVDana
Point of View Scolding (2009)25 min.25$5PoVDana
Audrey Gets the Hairbrush11 min.11$5F/FAudrey Auburn
Point of View Scolding (2006)22 min.22$5PoVDana
Audrey Gets the Strap
11 min.11$5F/FAudrey Auburn
Audrey's After-Spanking
18 min.18$5F/FAudrey Auburn
Sarah's Striped Dress Spankings 1-Turned Over the Knee3 min.3$3F/FSarah Gregory
Sarah's Striped Dress Spanking 2: Sent to the Study4 min.4$4F/FSarah Gregory
Sarah's Striped Dress Spankings 3: Have You Ever Had a Bare Bottom Spanking?6 min.6$5F/FSarah Gregory
Sarah's Striped Dress Spankings 4: Sarah's Fantasy5 min.5$5F/FSarah Gregory
Don't Make Me Get the Hairbrush11 min.11$9F/FSarah Gregory
Spanked in Dana's Panties, Pt. 132 min.32$29F/MDavid
Spanked in Dana's Panties, Pt. 225 min.25$24F/MDavid
David's Summer Spankings135 min.135$19F/FMDana plays all 5 parts (audio, no video)
Audrey Over the Knee6 min.6$5F/FAudrey Auburn
Audrey and the Leather Strap13 min.13$7F/FAudrey Auburn
Thieving Hands17 min.9$17F/FSarah Gregory
Adventures of Audrey Auburn: Visit to Momma33 min.33$33F/FAudrey Auburn
Adventures of Audrey Auburn: After School16 min.16$16F/FAudrey Auburn
Adventures of Audrey Auburn: Credit Card Thief9 min.9$9F/FAudrey Auburn
Audrey Auburn, Credit Card Thief: Spanked on Panties5 min.5$5F/FAudrey Auburn
Audrey Auburn, Credit Card Thief: Spanked on the Bare Bottom7 min.7$7F/FAudrey Auburn

Welcome to Dana’s new interactive store and filmography.  There are now 151 titles.

The old store will remain in place, but this one is easier and much more fun to use. You can sort the films in various ways and many have previews and their own dedicated pages.

Sortability: You can click on the label for each column to sort the entire list, making it easy to find all the F/M, all the films with Adriana Evans, or all the films in the new “Other Kinks” category.

Filtering: If you click on the “Type” drop-down, you can filter out all the categories you don’t want. If you only like F/M you can filter out F/F and so on.

Trailer Links: If the title of a film is blue, it’s a link to the trailer page for that film (these are also listed to the right). If the title is in plain black print, there’s no preview yet for that film. Those will be coming gradually, and if there’s one you’re eager to see, drop Dana a note and she’ll move it up in the To Do list.

Add to Cart: The big blue ADD TO CART buttons allow this one page complete filmography to take the place of the old store. No more hunting around and trying to figure out which category has the film you’re looking for. Just click that button and the title will be added to your cart. You can then check out, or remove the item from your cart if you change your mind, or hit the back button on your browser to return to this page and add more titles. You can keep adding and subtracting titles to and from your cart until you’re ready to check out.

Have fun, and check back in a few days to see the finished page.