Jonathan 2: Down Home Discipline



At 50 minutes, this is the longest of Dana’s four collaborations with the talented and extremely resilient Jonathan. Click here for the first. Unlike the other three, Dana uses a “sweet & severe” approach contrasting  a gentler, maternal, teasing style of scolding with such intense and prolonged paddling and strapping that Jonathan–famous for being able to take anything Dana dishes out–required a band-aid by the end.  Wait until you see the trailers for Jonathan 3 and 4, in which she returns to the forceful, angry scolding of Jonathan 1 as she applies the paddle and cane to Jonathan’s partner in crime, Christopher, debunking the old “safety in numbers” adage.

Attentive Spechtologists will recognize the iconic beachside cottage in Carmel by the Sea, where classics like Cousins Misbehavin’ and Sarah’s Summer Spankings were filmed.

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