Molly Gives Her First Spanking


Click here for Richard Windsor’s post about this story, as well as exciting news about his ongoing project of preserving real life mainstream images from the golden era of spanking.

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Caught Red-Handed is the first of 38 chapters of this 105-minute audio fantasy. Members will get a new chapter every few days, Charles Dickens-style. You’ll have to conjure up your own visual images as Dana seamlessly switches among the voices of five different characters and the narrator. The tale is told from the point-of-view of a beautiful 25-year old who–for reasons she herself is trying to understand–is obsessed with the idea of giving spankings.

Dana’s spellbinding narration takes us deep into Molly’s innermost thoughts, memories, and secrets as she muses about her past experiences in anticipation of carrying out the responsibilities of her new job as a governess and disciplinarian in a world where graduate students who still live at home still get spanked at home.

In Chapter 2, A Fascination with Spankings, Dana’s narration takes us deep into Molly’s innermost thought and secret memories as she tries to understand how her fixation on spanking developed.

In Chapter 3, Molly’s Aunt Dana, Molly hears Aunt Dana marching her grown 6-foot son down the hall and before she can think better of it, she slips into the closet to witness the spanking. Cousin Mike is a big, obnoxious football player, and it fills Molly with a sense of wonder to watch Aunt Dana turn him into a trembling little boy with nothing more than the sound of her voice and the look on her face.

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