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Audio Tape-My Naughty Nephew Johnnie

'Live' audio of a real punishment session (Taped with my naughty nephew Johnnie's permission) Imagine being caught breaking into the neighbor's house and rummaging through the lady's lingerie drawers. That's what Johnnie did. And he is being punished for it! Listen, as I scold him and tell him how I am going to punish him with the hardest spanking of his life! My naughty "nephew" knows he's in trouble, and there is no talking me out of it. The smacks from my hand, the cracks from my straps, make you sit up and really pay attention. These are real! Then, the wooden implements. And for you cane lovers - the whoosh and slice of my cane. 45 minutes of a real life session with me.

Cat. num.: DS00025

Price: $15