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Sarah's Summer Spankings (DVD)

Sarah's Summer Spankings (DVD) DVD

What happens when spanking icons Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory finally combine? One of the best videos of the year. Sarah is spending the summer with "Aunt Dana," but she just can't stay out of trouble. Such infractions as a speeding ticket, messy bedroom, failure to do chores, snooping in Dana's bedroom, staying out all night and underage drinking earn Sarah lots of scolding and trips across Dana's lap for hard, bare bottom spankings with hand and hairbrush. Don't miss this chance to see one of the best doms and subs in the same video.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00301

1950s-Style Spanking (DVD)

1950s-Style Spanking (DVD) DVD

In this epic film, we flash back to the 1950s when discipline in the family home was very common. Times were different back then for sure and you will see some examples of this here. Sarah is sent to stay with her strict Aunt Dana since breaking multiple rules. She spends a week with her aunt and cousin and really sees how things are dealt with when rules are broken and girls are naughty. Being there also brings back memories of hearing and seeing her cousin being disciplined and we see flashbacks of her memories played out. Through Sarah's narrations, we can hear exactly what is going through her head as she tells us this story; the story of her stay with strict Aunt Dana and cousin Anthea and the many spankings and punishments. This video also includes hairbrush spanking, caning, and mouth soaping!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00284

A Not-So-Happy Spanksgiving (DVD)

A Not-So-Happy Spanksgiving (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, Tubaman It's Thanksgiving Day and spoiled Sarah is in a funk. She hates her life, hates helping out around the house and feels she has nothing to be thankful for. When Mommy Dana tries to convince her otherwise, Sarah reacts with disrespectful words that earn her a sharp slap across the face. (A first for Sarah in a video, by the way.) What follows is a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking to adjust Sarah's attitude, and when daddy Paul returns home and finds out how his naughty girl was misbehaving, he takes her across his lap as well.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00193

Dana's Sound Advice (DVD)

Dana's Sound Advice (DVD) DVD

Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Dana all about her new beau. I am delighted she is so happy and I ask to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet me and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. I give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn't sit well with me. I tell him I spank her and show him exactly how I do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiancee, which he does quite well. Dana is happy that Sarah will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00183

Anne of Red Bottoms (DVD)

Anne of Red Bottoms (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Melody Nore. 37 min. Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked, Feisty Melody Nore plays "Anne", and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Ann's best friend. The girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Aunt Dana comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush. (37 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00181

Where Are Your Panties, Girls? (DVD)

Where Are Your Panties, Girls? (DVD) DVD

For a preview, click on Updates above and look in the right column under Dana's Spanking Trailers. Sarah's British friend Amelia is spending her vacation with us in the USA but she has a kinky behavior she shares with Sarah, much to Momma Dana's chagrin. She informs Sarah that in the UK the girls don't wear panties. When Momma discovers the girls in their short dresses pantyless, she is furious and promptly teaches both girls how to be a lady with an over the knee bare bottom spanking. No panties to pull down because the girls aren't wearing any and they both get a blistering hairbrush spanking.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00180

Cure for a Hangover (DVD)

Cure for a Hangover (DVD) DVD

Momma is very annoyed to come back from Church to find her daughter still passed out on the couch and Amelia, Sarah's friend from England, sitting next to her. Amelia tries to explain why the two ladies weren't at church and her lies just keep getting her deeper and deeper in trouble. First, the story is shell fish, next it's that Sarah has rabies, well Momma Dana knows these are all lies. She knows her daughter went out the night before with Amelia and got drunk. The best cure for a hangover is a trip over mom's knee for some good old fashioned discipline. After a long scolding, Sarah is spanked while her friend, Amelia, looks on in disbelief. Then Amelia is spanked for allowing Sarah to get this out of control and then lying about it. Momma switches them back and forth spanking one, while the other watches, etc. At the end of their spankings, they are very sorry and contrite little girls.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00179

Strictmoor Academy: Gillian & Helen's Discipline

Strictmoor Academy: Gillian & Helen's Discipline DVD

(75 minutes) Gillian & Helen's Discipline takes the acclaimed Strictmoor Academy series to new heights--with its psychologically revealing narration, lavish sets and costumes, exquisite camera angles and editing, flashbacks to previous scenes from the Strictmoor franchise, and compelling performances from three of the best in the business: Rachel Adams, Luci Lovett and Dana Specht. Gillian is played brilliantly by Rachel Adams. Her body language and improvised dialog paint a compelling picture of a young woman enduring the most unimaginable pain and embarrassment -- even as she confesses to the viewer (through her intimate narration) that she deserves, needs, and is ultimately thankful for the traditional punishment rituals administered to the Strictmoor Academy's supremely confident headmistress and founder.

Price: $49

Catnum: DS00161

Little Red Bottom-Hood (DVD)

Little Red Bottom-Hood (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Scarlett Summers We all know the fairy tale story of Little Red Riding Hood, the big bad wolf, and her Grandma but now the real truth is revealed. Little Red "Bottom" Hood skipped through the forest to visit her Grandma alright, and she met a big bad wolf along the way; only this big bad wolf was a big bad boy who stole her panties. When she arrives at Grandma's house in her short skimpy red dress, disheveled and lying about her whereabouts, Grandma turns her over her knee and spanks her bare bottom a bright red.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00157

Mommy's Rebellious Brat (DVD)

Mommy's Rebellious Brat (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. Raising a rebellious brat can be quite a chore and the only way to control her and change her snotty attitude is with a bare bottom spanking. Sarah pushes my limits with her choice of sexy clothes, slutty make-up all over her face, and a smart mouth. She gets her face slapped then over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. I strip her clothes off her then send her to her room for a hairbrush spanking. My rebellious brat spends the rest of her day in bed crying her eyes out. (33 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00156

Mothers Spank Daughters (DVD)

Mothers Spank Daughters (DVD) DVD

Momma Dana and Momma Elizabeth sit worrying the night away wondering where their wayward daughters are. Stevie Rose and Ava Nicole didn't come home last night and the mothers fear the worst. Then, in they stagger; giggling and obviously still drunk from a long night of partying. The mothers are furious and agree they both need to be taught a lesson over their knees with their panties pulled down and their bare bottoms spanked. Because of the seriousness of their crime, the girls are spanked with a hairbrush and the short Spencer paddle. They also receive a hard strapping and tears are shed and promises are made to never touch alcohol again.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00154

Spanked by Teacher, Spanked by Mom (DVD)

Spanked by Teacher, Spanked by Mom (DVD) DVD

Momma Dana is very upset when her daughter is brought home from school, by her teacher Miss Gregory. Miss Gregory informs Dana that she had to spank Stevie at school for drinking. Mom is shocked as she only sees her daughter as a little angel. Stevie has pulled the wool over mom's eyes as she is not the angel she pretends to be. Miss Gregory makes Stevie show her mom her spanked bottom and informs mom that regular spankings would do this naughty girl good. Miss Gregory spanks Stevie in front of her mom which is very embarrassing for Stevie. She insists that Momma spank Stevie as well. Stevie is mortified even more and a very sorry girl after she is spanked with hand and wooden brush from mom and teacher.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00153

Adriana's Attitude Adjustment Spanking (DVD)

Adriana's Attitude Adjustment Spanking (DVD) DVD

Adriana arrives at Sarah's home to pick her up and take her to Yoga but finds her Momma (Dana Specht) waiting for her. She has a bone to pick with her as Sarah arrived home late the previous night and this was all Adriana's fault. In this house there are strict rules that Sarah's mother carefully explains... and she knows that Adriana is supposed to be spending the night so lays out consequences for breaking said rules. This of course involves spanking punishments, and Adriana's mother has already been contacted for permission to be spanked for leading Sarah astray. Adriana is spanked over her tiny thong hiding underneath her yoga pants... then over the bare bottom. Momma always spanks over the knee and on the bare! Her punishment is far from over, even during the cornertime which she finds embarrassing, she is scolded then reminded of this fact: A spanking during the day means a spanking at night! Adriana arrives later that evening before bedtime but her pajamas are slutty shorts and a tight little shirt which offends Momma Dana. Hiding underneath the cushion is an implement Adriana knows all too well, and her heart sinks as she discovers it when she is again placed over Dana's lap. It's a nasty looking, heavy wooden hairbrush! She is spanked again on her bare cheeks before that evil hairbrush is used with great force on her rounded, quivering buttocks. Adriana cries out in very real pain before yet more humiliating corner time and scolding to finish off this eventful discipline. Now Adriana understands why Sarah tries to behave to avoid this type of punishment!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00152

Spanked Sober DVD

Spanked Sober DVD DVD

Momma Dana has taken her daughter, Sarah, and best friend Ten to Las Vegas for a vacation. When they stay out all night Mom is very worried. Finally they come stumbling in, giggling, and drunk. Momma is furious. She scolds these two naughty girls before it is time for punishment, and punishment the way she does things. This includes spankings for the two brats over their panties, and on the bare bottom. This extracts real tears from a very sorry Sarah. After they are spanked, they are given the strap while side by side. Their punishment ends with them being told to go and put their pajamas on as they are going to receive the dreaded hairbrush on their already sore and red bottoms. As momma gives each of them a thorough hair brush spanking they wriggle in pain and promise to never be naughty again. These are two very sorry and sober little girls.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00151

Cousins Punished (DVD)

Cousins Punished (DVD) DVD

Cousins Punished - Cara has her cousin over to visit for a sleepover. Momma asked that they help with some chores such as doing the dishes and other easy housework. Instead they are talking about sneaking out instead, only they are caught in this conversation. Momma is very unhappy. Well, when her daughter misbehaves this is always dealt with a spanking punishment. Kiki is also spanked since she was in on it too. Both girls are spanked in front of the other for maximum embarrassment over Momma's knee. She always starts on a naughty girl's bared bottom. She ensures that they remove their panties so that her stinging hand can redden each of their sore red bottoms before using her favorite implement of correction, the hairbrush! Of course. a spanking in the day means a spanking at bedtime, so they are to report back to Momma later that evening for more early bedtime spankings to ensure they will be well behaved, well-meaning young ladies in her house from now on.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00148

Spanked Diapered Brat (DVD)

Spanked Diapered Brat (DVD) DVD

The title says it all. Sarah throws a tantrum in the grocery store and gets marched home for a good spanking. Baby's throw temper tantrums and when they do, a good mother spanks them!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00143

Momma's Hard Hand Spanking (DVD)

Momma's Hard Hand Spanking (DVD) DVD

Sarah forgot my birthday and my feelings are hurt. How could she forget her mother's birthday? She tried to apologize and offered to make up for it today, but I was in no mood to celebrate. She ruined my day and I was going to make her day worse. I spanked the hurt out of me and the guilt out of Sarah and she will never forget my birthday again.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00141

Double Trouble For Sarah

Double Trouble For Sarah DVD

Sarah disappeared at a spanking party and Momma Dana and Mommy Elizabeth were worried sick. Nobody had seen her for hours and the mothers were ready to call security or the police. Then, in walks Sarah and much to her surprise is faced by two angry but relieved mothers. Sarah is turned over Elizabeth's knee first for a bare bottom hand spanking, then Dana takes over. Double discipline means a hairbrush spanking too and Sarah gets a double dose with the dreaded bath brush.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00140

Strictmoor Academy Year Two

Strictmoor Academy Year Two DVD

Year two for these wayward girls and the strict lessons resume. Bare bottom spankings are the usual punishment at this academy.

Price: $49

Catnum: DS00139

Sarah's Shameful Spanking (DVD)

Sarah's Shameful Spanking (DVD) DVD

Sarah did something very disrespectful to me and after a strict scolding, shaming her into the naughty girl that she is, I pulled her over my knee and gave her a very hard hand spanking. I was so upset that I decided she needed a reminder with my wooden hairbrush. Sarah cries real tears in this fantastic video.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00138

Paddled Princess (DVD)

Paddled Princess (DVD) DVD

Sarah has been nothing but a spoiled little brat. She has been sitting around all day in her PJs on her phone playing games. Mom gave her instructions before she went to work to help with some of the household chores. Sarah decides not to do them and when mom comes home, she is very upset with her lazy daughter. Sarah has quite the attitude with mom and it isn't until the threat of a spanking that she starts to act a bit more contrite. Once momma has decided that she is going to spank Sarah, there is no turning back. As much as Sarah begs, momma still puts her naughty daughter over her knee. Sarah is spanked VERY hard on her PJs, panties, and then on the bare bottom. After momma uses her hand, she makes Sarah go and fetch the dreaded paddle. Sarah does what momma says even though she is very scared. This is one of the hardest spankings Sarah has taken and it shows. She struggles and promises to be a good girl until Momma finally believes her.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00136

Spanked For Stealing (DVD)

Spanked For Stealing (DVD) DVD

Sarah and Harley have been caught stealing and mommy is pissed. Momma Dana sits these two criminals down for a long scolding sessions before spanking them each on their panties and bare bottoms. She then makes them kneel up on the couch to be spanked side by side before taking them back over her lap for a dose of the wooden hairbrush. Sarah and Harley are spanked until they are crying real tears!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00135

Strictmore Academy Year One

Strictmore Academy Year One DVD

An academy run by three dominant women whose aim it is to teach rebellious 19 year old girls a lesson the old fashioned way; with panties down, over the knee, bare bottom spankings. This movie is set in the 50's where bare bottom spankings were the norm in households across the country. Mouth soaping, scolding, spankings, corner time and early bed times are all part of the punishment.

Price: $49

Catnum: DS00134

Sent To The Principal (DVD)

Sent To The Principal (DVD) DVD

Bianca & Sarah were sent to Principal Specht's office because they had both been caught spying on the boys changing in the football locker rooms. They didn't seem very sorry and giggled as Principal Specht scolded them & reminded the girls what happened to those who couldn't behave properly. Spanking Punishments! They were both contrite and full of apologies but it was too late for that! Each girl was spanked in turn as the other was made to watch what happened over the knee of Ms. Specht. To ensure she got the message across, Ms. Specht used a leather strap & a paddle on them both bent over the desk at the same time which had both girls wailing and crying out in real pain.

Price: $25

Catnum: DS00132

Not Home Alone (DVD)

Not Home Alone (DVD) DVD

Sarah has lied and Mommy is angry. Momma Dana goes away for the weekend and tells Sarah she is NOT to have company. So, what does Sarah do? She has her boyfriend over for the weekend, only she is really bad about hiding it and mom knows right away when she returns home. Sarah tries to lie about it, which only makes things worse for her poor bottom. Momma knows! And Momma is very disappointed in her little girl for disobeying her and lying about it. After a proper scolding, Sarah is taken right over the knee for a hard hand spanking over her tight leggings, over her panties, and then on the bare bottom. Sarah wiggles in pain as Momma's strong hand comes down on her bare flesh. Her bottom turns bright pink, but that is not good enough. A properly spanked bottom is red, so poor and now contrite Sarah is told to fetch the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Oh no! She begs not to be spanked with mommy's hairbrush as it hurts too much, but it falls on deaf ears. Once Momma has made up her mind to spank her naughty girl with a hairbrush there is no going back. Sarah is taken back over the knee for a very hard hairbrush spanking on her already very sore bottom. Sarah cries very real tears of remorse until Momma finally forgives her very sorry and sad little girl. 

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00131

That's How You Spank Naughty Girls (DVD)

That's How You Spank Naughty Girls (DVD) DVD

Two naughty girls get spanked, strapped and paddled in this video. I play Sunny's step mother who finds out her daughter was fooling around in her bed with her girlfriend Alicia. Sunny confessed her Daddy spanked her for her behavior but this doesn't stop Momma Dana from taking her over her knee and adding more color to her cheeks. After a thorough hand spanking Sunny is strapped then paddled. Alicia arrives while Sunny is still bent over Momma's knee being scolded, and Dana informs her she will get the same as Sunny did. The grand finale has both girls kneeling on the sofa getting their red bottoms strapped.

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00127

Liar Liar Panties On Fire (DVD)

Liar Liar Panties On Fire (DVD) DVD

Sarah returned home from a trip to Houston where she was supposed to check out universities. Momma Dana found evidence that she did a little more than check out the universities in Houston and confronted Sarah with a trademark spanking party t-shirt she found in the laundry. Of course Sarah plays dumb and pretends she has no idea where the shirt came from but Momma knows she's lying and turns her over her knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. She also got a hairbrush taken to her bare bottom for telling lies.

Price: $25

Catnum: DS00126

Scolded and Spanked (DVD)

Scolded and Spanked (DVD) DVD

This video was filmed by a client of ours who wrote a scolding script for me to read off camera. Sarah appears on screen while my scolding continues and she follows my orders to fetch my spanking chair and await her punishment. Lots of scolding for the first 5 minutes or so, then I enter the room and the bare bottom spankings begin. Sarah is very contrite during the entire scene. I soften a bit and she thinks her punishment is over but I start again with another spanking and a tease from my wooden paddle. (23 mins)

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00125

You Must Spank Your Daughter (DVD)

You Must Spank Your Daughter (DVD) DVD

Young mother Sarah is at her wits end trying to control her errant daughter Mandy, and calls Momma Dana for advice. Momma arrives and Sarah fills her in on Mandy's bad behavior. Momma advises Sarah that she must spank her daughter in order to change her bad attitude and earn the respect she deserves. Sarah is hesitant but Momma insists, and calls Mandy downstairs for a talk that soon ends with Mandy over her knee with her panties down and her bare bottom getting spanked just like she did with Sarah. Mandy is sent to her room crying her eyes out then Momma turns the tables on Sarah and orders her over her knee for a well deserved spanking for not being the strict mother she should be. (36 min.)

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00124

No Daughter Of Mine (DVD)

No Daughter Of Mine (DVD) DVD

35 minutes. "No daughter of mine will leave this house wearing clothes like that!" Momma Dana raged to daughter Sarah while she was getting dressed for school. Skimpy shorts, flip flops, lacy panties and a push-up bra are not part of the school uniform and Momma gives Sarah a sound bare bottom hand spanking for being so disobedient. The flip flops come in handy as a spanking implement too but her punishment doesn't end there. Just before bedtime Sarah gets another spanking but this time with a leather paddle. Has she learned her lesson now? Watch and see. (35 min.)

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00123

Pajama Party Punishment (DVD)

Pajama Party Punishment (DVD) DVD

Sarah's Momma warned her not to hang out with Adriana but Sarah sneaks her home for a pj party while Momma is away. Dana comes home unexpected and hears the girls sharing secrets that she doesn't want to know about! Phony ID, drinking wine,sex talk, condoms in their purse; it's all too much for Momma to bear! She storms in and informs them they are both going to be spanked over her knee and the strap taken to them too. Momma Dana spanks each girl over her jammies, panties, and bare bottom; then lines them up on the bed for a bare bottom strapping. (34 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00122

The Disappointing Daughter (DVD)

The Disappointing Daughter (DVD) DVD

38 minutes. Sarah is out way past her curfew again and Momma Dana sits up and waits for her with a leather strap on her lap ready to take action. As usual Sarah gives Momma a lame excuse but to no avail. She is flipped over Dana's knee for a hard bare bottom spanking and an OTK strapping then sent to her room to get her pajamas on to be punished further. A strict on the bed strapping ensues while she writhes on the bed and cries real tears, leaving her pretty bottom red, welted and very sore. (38 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00120

Little Sarah's Spanking (DVD)

Little Sarah's Spanking (DVD) DVD

In this age play video, Momma has told her little Sarah multiple times to clean her room. Sarah ignores it and gets ready to go to her friend's Birthday party instead. When Sarah says she is ready to go, Momma asks her if her room is clean and Sarah says no. She says she will not do it and has a tantrum. Momma is not happy by her little brats behavior and gives her the spanking she deserves. (19 min.)

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00119

Two Brats Out On The Town

Two Brats Out On The Town DVD

Sarah and her cousin Alex are on a trip with mom looking at colleges. They believe that part of touring colleges is checking out the party scene. Momma has a different idea and is very disappointed to get a call from the cops that her daughter and niece have been arrested for being at a party with alcohol. They try to argue their way out of their spanking but once Momma has made up her mind to spank these naughty brats, there is no turning back. (34 min.)

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00118

Bad Babysitter (DVD)

Bad Babysitter (DVD) DVD

While I was out, Tasha the babysitter gave my angelic Sarah a spanking and when I came home and found Sarah crying in her bed, I am livid! I inform Tasha she is not leaving until I bend her over my knee for a hard spanking, strapping and paddling. Nobody spanks my little girl and gets away with it! (26 min.)

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00115

It's All Her Fault (DVD)

It's All Her Fault (DVD) DVD

Ms Dana has taken Sarah and her friend Joelle on a weekend getaway and the girls made a stupid mistake. They hired a male stripper to come to the hotel room while Dana was out, and ordered an expensive bottle of Champagne and charged everything to her room. Dana storms into the room with bill in hand and demands an explanation. Her innocent little Sarah wouldn't do this, would she? Did Joelle put her up to it? "It's all her fault!" they say as Dana tries to get to the bottom of the added room expenses. And get to the bottom she does by taking each naughty girl over her lap and giving each one a hard hand spanking. Imagine the embarrassment of being spanked in front of your best friend then watching her get the very same thing. (35 min.)

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00108

Stress Relief Spanking (DVD)

Stress Relief Spanking (DVD) DVD

56 minutes. When I arrived at Sarah's for a visit she was very stressed due to her fast-paced schedule and we both knew what she needed to relieve her body from all the stress she was under. She needed Momma to give her a sound spanking - not a discipline or punishment spanking, but a warm soft and sometimes hard over my lap bedtime spanking. So, before she went to bed one night, I slipped into my nightie and went into Sarah's room. I told her it was time for her to get some much needed cuddle time and a long loving spanking from Momma. I only used my hand but her bottom had a nice rosy glow when I finally brought her to tears and she let go of all the stress she had built up over the past few months. (55 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00107

Spanked at School Spanked at Home (DVD)

Spanked at School Spanked at Home (DVD) DVD

Did you grow up in the era when, if you were spanked at school you got spanked at home? Well I did and when Sarah and I do a school-girl themed video this is how it is played out. I take the role of Sarah's teacher who finally has had enough of her bad behavior and turn her over my knee for a spanking. When she gets home and faces Momma ( also played by me) she gets another spanking only harder this time! (32 min.)

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00106

Caught in the Act (DVD)

Caught in the Act (DVD) DVD

Sarah is supposed to be getting ready to go to church with Momma but when I go into her bedroom to see if she's ready, I find her lying on her bed naked and doing naughty things to her body. Her hand is deep in her crotch and she's masturbating! I grab her by the arm and turn her over my knee and give her the spanking this naughty girl deserves. Shame on you, young lady! (20 min.)

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00105

Swimsuit Spankings (DVD)

Swimsuit Spankings (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Pandora My naughty girl Sarah and her British friend Pandora have accompanied me to Atlantic City for a vacation and the girls get caught by security sneaking into the pool after hours. I march the girls back to our room in their dripping wet bikinis and give each of them a sound spanking on their wet bottom, covered then bare. Pandora gets a hairbrush spanking from me because it was her idea to get my little girl in trouble. Sarah manages to escape the hairbrush this time. (38 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00094

Cry And Punishment (DVD)

Cry And Punishment (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. Punishment doesn't necessarily bring on tears, sobs, and screams unless it's Dana Specht punishing her naughty baby girl Sarah Gregory. Like our first 2 punishment videos, this one is a real punishment brought on by Sarah's selfish behavior by neglecting to send thank you's and emails to those who send her special cards and buy her gifts. Momma Dana was also disappointed in her lack of compassion for those less fortunate than Sarah and realized she had to be taught a lesson. Scolding her like never before and putting her in a secure leg-lock, Momma spanked her merclessly with her hand, leather strap, and hairbrush; then put her on the bed for a severe strapping followed by the wooden paddle and lickin' stick. Real tears, real sobs, real punishment! (27 min.)

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00093

Sarah Gregory's Day Off

Sarah Gregory's Day Off DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. Sarah tried to skip school and when Nurse Dana comes to her house to check on her, Sarah realizes having her temperature taken isn't much fun and she'd rather be in school. Nurse Dana spanks her for lying and pretending she's sick, then informs her that Sarah's mother will be notified. The nurse sends her to school to finish her afternoon classes and when she returns from school she finds her angry Mom waiting for her with hairbrush in hand and a scowl on her face. (38 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00092

Momma Spanks Goodnight (DVD)

Momma Spanks Goodnight (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. Sarah and I share a special "momma and baby girl" time when I spank her goodnight and tuck her into bed. These are not punishment or discipline spankings, but nice soft and loving spankings over her nightie, over her panties, then on her bare bottom. She gets lotion rubbed into her red bottom after her spanking, and a nice warm and comforting cuddle in my arms before I tuck her in. (45 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00091

Punished Again-Poor Baby

Punished Again-Poor Baby DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. On my second visit to stay with Sarah, I arrived to find her room in utter chaos! She hadn't even unpacked from her trip to Canada in the summer or the Shadow Lane party in September, and clothes were strewn all over her floor. I was very disappointed with her and announced right then and there - before I even unpacked, that she was going to be punished. Real spankings, strappings and the hairbrush and stick brought this sorry girl to real tears. She will never leave her room in such a state again! Or else... (40 min.)

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00086

Spanking Party Weekend (DVD)

Spanking Party Weekend (DVD) DVD

46 minutes. Starring Dana Specht, Sarah & Christy Dana' Specht's two sneaky daughters, Sarah and Christy, are supposed to be at a luxury hotel for a spa weekend. Ms Dana decides to check and see how the massages and mud baths are going but finds her way into a ballroom where a spanking party is taking place. Guess who she catches wearing school-girl outfits, pig-tails, and buying spanking implements? Her two precious daughters. Momma Dana marches them back to their room and gives them what they came for - hard, non-stop bare bottom spankings, and a taste from each implement they purchased at the vendor's tables.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00084

Discipline Therapy (DVD)

Discipline Therapy (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory This video depicts a real discipline therapy session when you request the services of Dana Specht. Sarah Gregory plays the role of a first-time client coming to see Ms Specht for help with her life. She admits she is unorganized, lacks motivation to exercise regularly, doesn't eat properly, or drink enough water. Her last resort is discipline therapy. Ms Dana explains her rules to Sarah and prepares her for her discipline spanking. Sarah is given a bare bottom hand spanking, followed by a severe strapping, then a paddling and caning. Ms Dana extracts promises from Sarah throughout the session as she emphasizes her rules with every smack, whack, and lash.

Price: $39

Catnum: DS00082

Detention Discipline

Detention Discipline DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory Miss Sarah Gregory is a new teacher and not very good at controlling misbehaving students. When principal Ms Dana Specht walks by the detention room and sees the unruly Scarlet misbehaving and the frustrated Miss Gregory, she steps in and takes charge. Students who misbehave in class need discipline and that discipline is a bare bottom spanking! If Miss Gregory can't or won't administer a proper spanking, than Ms Specht surely will. Scarlet gets her first bare bottom spanking as does Miss Gregory for not administering correct discipline in the school.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00081

Lesbian Lovers Spanked (DVD)

Lesbian Lovers Spanked (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, Scarlet Summers. Sarah and her college lover Scarlet spend the weekend at her mom Dana's house, with the understanding there will be no sleeping together or hanky-panky going on under Mom's roof. When Dana comes home early from a shopping trip she discovers the two lovers in the throws of passion and naked in Sarah's bed. She admonishes their disrespect for her rules and announces they are both going to get a spanking. Scarlet has never been turned over a knee and spanked before unlike her girlfriend Sarah, and tries to talk her way out of it but Dana is not listening. She makes Scarlet kneel on the bed and watch Sarah get spanked, then takes Scarlet over her knee and gives her a bare bottom spanking. A 35 minute scene with plenty of scolding and spanking for these naughty naked lovers.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00076

Sarah's Strict Mom

Sarah's Strict Mom DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory. 56 minutes For a preview, click on Updates above and look in the right column under Dana's Spanking Trailers. Sarah's Mom (Dana Specht) is at her wits end with her bad behavior and announces she is being sent to a private boarding school, where punished girls receive bare bottom spankings. To show her what's in store for her, her Mom turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. When she comes in to check on her, Sarah sasses Mom and gets her mouth washed out with soap. Next morning she is hauled out of the bathtub and given another spanking on her wet behind. When Sarah returns home for a weekend break, Mom learns she was spanked at school and gives her a caning and finishes it off with a sound bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. Lots of action in this newest video with Sarah Gregory.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00074

Misbehavin' Sisters (DVD)

Misbehavin' Sisters (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht with Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James. Dana Specht notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00072

Butt On Fire (DVD)

Butt On Fire (DVD) DVD

14 minutes. Starring Dana Specht with Sarah Gregory When Sarah Gregory thinks no one is looking, she decides to satisfy her curiosity about cigarettes by trying to smoke one. No sooner does she light up than she's discovered by Dana Specht who acts quickly to dissuade Sarah of this bad habit. What follows is a brisk over the knee spanking that leaves Sarah's bottom with a bright glow that rivals that of a lit cigarette Note: This video is 14 mins in length

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00071

Panty Punishment (DVD)

Panty Punishment (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht Sarah Gregory returns to my home for another visit and video shoot. In this custom video I play Jill, her mother-in-law, who catches Sarah cheating on my son. From now on she is under my control and I punish her daily with spankings and humiliating panty punishment. This includes panty inspections, pining her skirt up to expose her panties in public, and making sure she is shaved down there. Lots of up and down panties and OTK spankings with my hand and hairbrush.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00070

The Dana - Sarah Collection

The Dana - Sarah Collection DVD

Starring Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht Two of the premiere stars of the spanking world are together again in three separate punishment scenarios featuring hand and strap. In the first, Sarah plays a teacher who complains to Dana that her son has come on to her at school. Dana quickly realizes the reason is Sarah's seductive clothing -- no way for a teacher to dress. Dana surprises Sarah with a brisk, over-the-knee spanking. The second scenario has Sarah lounging lazily in the sun in her Aunt Dana's backyard. Clothes that were supposed to be brought in from the clothesline remain hanging and other chores are undone. Dana takes Sarah inside and spanks some responsibility into her. In the third, Sarah is a lazy maid, lounging around with her feet up instead of doing the household jobs that Dana hired her to do. Employer Dana has no patience with such behavior and takes it out on Sarah's sorry bottom.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00065

Sarah Spanked To Tears (DVD)

Sarah Spanked To Tears (DVD) DVD

43 minutes. Starring Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht Sarah is now living with her Aunt Dana, who loves and cares about her very much. When it looks like Sarah is going to spend yet another day in bed being lazy, lethargic and unwilling to do anything with her life, Dana decides a long, hard spanking might just provide the motivation she needs to snap out of it. The spanking gives Sarah a much-needed emotional release as her tears flow.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00064

Ariel Spanked At Home

Ariel Spanked At Home DVD

My bratty "daughter" Ariel tries to sneak into the house well past her curfew only to find a very angry "mom" waiting for her on the staircase. She is marched up to my room and told she is going to get a spanking. She doesn't like that one bit and gives me lots of sass while stamping her foot, but I've had it with this naughty girl's bad behavior and it's time to teach her a lesson across my knee. Ariel cries real tears and shrieks and yells throughout her spanking but it doesn't do a thing to change my demeanor during her punishment. I redden her bare bottom and send her to bed bawling her eyes out!

Price: $20

Catnum: DS00049

Ariel Spanked At School (DVD)

Ariel Spanked At School (DVD) DVD

The incorrigible Ariel tries Headmistress Dana's patience by wearing make-up and sexy clothes to class. She's spanked on her bare bottom and told to go change into her school uniform. Does she obey the Headmistress? Of course not, and she's caught smoking and talking to her boyfriend on the phone! The frustrated headmistress has no choice but to administer the strap on her bare backside. Let's see if this punishment teaches her a lesson!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00046

Punished Blackmail Beauty I (DVD)

Punished Blackmail Beauty I (DVD) DVD

With Dana Specht and Amber Michaels. Beautiful Amber tries to blackmail my husband Lee with telltale photos of them having a little fun. The tables turn when she is confronted with our own set of photos of how she set him up for a scam. I can call the police or take care of her naughty bottom my self, which I do of course. Her pretty round bottom gets a good spanking and hard strapping before I turn her over to my husband Lee to add his punishment. Be sure to order Part 2 to see how Lee shows her no mercy for setting him up for a scam.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00029

The Naughty Schoolgirl (DVD)

The Naughty Schoolgirl (DVD) DVD

Alexandria starts her day with a hard hand spanking from her Mom as she whines and complains about going to school. She finally dresses in her little plaid school uniform and dashes out the door. Upon her return from school, she is spanked again for misbehaving in class and not doing her homework. Such a naughty girl! At a birthday party later in the week, she causes trouble and is sent home early. By this time I have had enough of her antics, and the straps, hairbrushes and paddles come out. Her little dress is pulled up and panties pulled down as I try and teach my naughty school girl some manners.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00027

Cousins Misbehavin' (DVD)

Cousins Misbehavin' (DVD) DVD

My "niece" Goldie and my naughty "daughter" Bobby are two college girls full of spunk and mischief but don't know whom they're dealing with when they stumble into the house after a night of partying and fun. They think they're too old now to get a spanking! Ha! These two naughty girls quickly learn they are never too old or big to go across my lap for a good spanking with my hand and hairbrush or bend over the bed for a good strapping. Their foul language and constant nattering and squealing on each other has me fit to be tied! You'll see how their sassy mouths cry out in pain and embarrassment when their panties are pulled down and their bare bottoms are being blistered!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00023

Dana Disciplines Desiree (DVD)

Dana Disciplines Desiree (DVD) DVD

Headmistress Dana Specht warned her 'girls' when they enrolled in her private school, that disobedience and unladylike behavior would result in corporal punishment. Desiree soon learned her bratty rebellion would earn her a trip across Ms Dana's lap for a blistering hand spanking. Corner time with her short skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down to her knees to reveal her red bottom didn't improve her attitude until the paddle came out. Desiree was then forced to assume the proper punishment position across Headmistress Dana's desk for a schoolgirl paddling.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00021