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Time For His Caning (DVD)

Time For His Caning (DVD) DVD

From co-star Lee: "This 55-minute video is undoubtedly the finest production of its type, ever to grace your screen and depicts the mouth watering Dana Specht in her best and most memorable role to date, as a strict and dominant disciplinarian. Dressed scantily as she administers the cane in a variety of ways throughout this magnificent film, it cannot fail to impress any viewer who needs the attention of a beautiful and severe disciplinarian, a talented and experienced exponent in the correct way to administer the cane. This latest film by the very lovely Mistress Dana Specht will leave you as breathless as it leaves the recipient of her attention, 'sore'."

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00298

The Boss's Brush (DVD)

The Boss's Brush (DVD) DVD

I spanked him so hard with my hair brush I broke it on his bare bottom! As a working mother I had many jobs and therefore many bosses; some good and some horrible. In this video I recreated a scene I imagined doing to my old boss Mr. Brooks for being so mean and nasty to me. I ordered him to pull his pants down and bend over my knee and I spanked his bare bottom. I let him know how fed up I was with his nasty behavior and from now on I was in charge. I bent him over the desk for a good strapping then finished him off with my hair brush until it broke. This was my first hair brush I started in the spanking biz nearly 25 years ago and it made it's mark on many naughty boys and girls. I

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00146

Raging Wife Angry Mistress (DVD)

Raging Wife Angry Mistress (DVD) DVD

When Dana arrives home and finds her husband Lee in bed with the lovely Sarah Gregory, she is livid and Sarah is shocked to learn he is a married man. Needless to say, she is not too happy with him either! The two irate ladies decide he needs to learn a lesson the hard way for his betrayal to the both of them and they take turns hand spanking, strapping, and paddling his bare bottom. Fast, non-stop action with no mercy shown to Lee as he cries and howls to their deaf ears. This punished husband ends up with a very red and bruised bottom.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00121

Your Punishment (DVD)

Your Punishment (DVD) DVD

42 minutes. It's time for YOUR punishment. You know you're in trouble and you know you deserve to be punished. You are standing naked in the corner with your heart pounding and butterflies in your stomach, waiting for me to open that door and deal with you properly...You then get scolded mercilessly and ordered to bend over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. A strapping soon follows and it doesn't stop there. Have you learned your lesson?.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00114

Bad Influence (DVD)

Bad Influence (DVD) DVD

Ms Dana takes on two naughty boys in this exciting video and uses her hand, leather straps, and hairbrush on the both of them. You've seen the videos before where she spanked two naughty girls and now you'll see how she tames two bad boys and leaves them gasping for breath and begging for mercy. Lee plays the husband and Larry is the bad influence who keeps Lee at the bar while Dana waits impatiently at home to be taken out to dinner. A hungry and angry tigress is about to pounce!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00103

Panty Thief Paddling (DVD)

Panty Thief Paddling (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. My maintenance man Bobby was asked to fix the closet door in Sarah's bedroom and I walked in and caught him stealing her panties out of her lingerie drawer. I gave him a choice - either go over my lap for a spanking and paddling or I tell his boss and he'll be fired. He opts for the spanking and over my knee he goes just as Sarah walks in and catches the whole scene. She wants in on his punishment and embarrassment too so Sarah gives him a hard spanking. Then I get my paddle! My Specht-er paddle makes its debut in this action packed bare bottom blistering and Sarah and I show no mercy on this panty thief!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00097

Paully's School Boy Punishment

Paully's School Boy Punishment DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory With Sarah Gregory as a teacher and Dana Specht as the principal, schoolboy Paully is spanked, strapped and caned. He's first spanked by Ms Gregory for classroom misbehavior, and because a student punished by a teacher is also punished by the principal, he gets spanked by Ms. Specht as well. But that's not all. The principal also spanks Ms. Gregory for not being a strict enough teacher, with Paully watching from the corner, before both women turn their attention back to the misbehaving student again.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00090

The Spanking Counselor (DVD)

The Spanking Counselor (DVD) DVD

22 minutes. Starring Dana Specht & Katherine Worthington Katherine Worthington and her husband Bobby come to Ms Dana for some relationship counseling and Bobby quickly learns his disrespect and sassy mouth does not belong in Ms Dana's office. He is sent to the corner while Katherine discusses his behavior to the unimpressed spanking councilor. Ms Dana advises Katherine that she should take the matter in her own hands and spank his bare bottom when necessary. Dana orders Bobby out of the corner then over her knee, and demonstrates just how a good old fashioned spanking is administered. Katherine takes her turn then Ms Dana shows her how to weild a strap and a hairbrush. The session ends with a very contrite Bobby and a happy wife.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00085

Todd Meets Dana Specht

Todd Meets Dana Specht DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Todd. Watch how my session with Todd unfolds as I strip him naked and administer spankings, strappings, paddlings, whippings, and canings. Todd is bent over my knee for a hand spanking then tied to the bed for most of my harsher implements. My wooden spoon is used in his session as well as a flogger and whip.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00083

Hot Lunch (DVD)

Hot Lunch (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Lee. Lee expects to take Ms Dana and Ms Gregory on a lunch date but these two hot ladies have other plans. Their room is set up with several spanking implements and they're dressed in sexy corsets and eager to take him over their knee for a spanking. Lee not only gets a dual hand spanking from the ladies sitting knee-to-knee, he receives the strap, belt, paddles, and cane. Non-stop spanking action in this latest release from Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00079

Spanking Lesson (DVD)

Spanking Lesson (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht. This video was filmed in Atlantic City during Boardwalk Badness Weekend. My naughty boy Bobby wants to venture out and spank some young ladies but has to be taught how to administer spankings properly before I allow him to strike out on his own. What better way to learn than with a hands-on experience across my knee! With Bobby's naked body across my knee, I describe and demonstrate all the important aspects of giving a good OTK spanking with the bare hand, leather paddle and the wooden hairbrush, explaining my technique as I go along. In the second scene Bobby then learns under my trained and powerful arm, how to give a proper strapping with a leather belt and various straps, followed by a caning. The next clip shows poor Bobby over my knee in a leg-lock being punished because the naughty boy has not learned his lessons from me and did not do as he was instructed when he spanked the pretty maidens. His punishment spanking is with the naughty boy paddle and I scold him for not paying close attention while I tried to teach him The Spanking Lesson.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00069

Sin City Session

Sin City Session DVD

Starring Dana Specht. This is an actual session where my naughty boy Bob was kind enough to tape it and gave me permission to sell it on my site. I've done many sessions before where the client has filmed us in action but they take the tape home to watch themselves and not share it with my fans. I think Bob was honored to be a model for me and proud of his performance. He took everything I had to give him and for a man who hadn't been spanked in years, I was pretty proud of his performance too. Hand, leather straps, hairbrush and paddles were used in this session

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00068

Behavior Therapy (DVD)

Behavior Therapy (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Lee In this video Lee and I are in a vanilla marriage and I find out he spent our money seeing a behavior therapist who specializes in spanking. I had never heard of such therapy before and was curious to try it myself. I begin with an over-the-pants hand spanking then over the underwear and finally bare bottom. My next implement of choice is Lee's belt and he gets a thorough licking while I discover how much fun it is to spank and strap my husband. I send him upstairs to fetch my wooden hairbrush and the fun continues over my lap until he is red, raw and swollen and I am ready for him to make wild passionate love to me. This is our best video yet and an entirely different Dana Specht than the strict, no-nonsense, unsmiling woman I usually portray.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00067

Cry Baby Cry - Two On One (DVD)

Cry Baby Cry - Two On One (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Countess Wolfsong, Lee Dana Specht and Countess Wolfsong team up against Lee and give him the whipping of all whippings. No, scenario or plot, not a lot of scolding, just plenty of OTK spankings, paddlings, strappings and of course merciless canings. The ladies turn him over both their knees for a harsh hairbrush spanking and at the end of the video they finish him off with an OTK caning, which you won't see in a lot of spanking videos. The strapping scenes are long and severe with one Dom administering the strap, followed by the other then both ladies stand on either side and give Lee a thorough whipping. This is the first video with Dana and Wolfsong but it won't be the last. What a dance!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00066

Bob And The Disciplinarian

Bob And The Disciplinarian DVD

Bob needs discipline. His wife does a good job spanking him and making him behave but sometimes she calls on me for my special touch. Or should I say "smack"? To further humiliate him Bob's wife films his punishment with me, and she giggles and adds her comments throughout the session. Bob is not bad or even naughty but he does need to be spanked hard and that's exactly what I do in this video. I start with a long hand spanking, then use leather straps and finally my most favorite hairbrush of all times - "The Vermont Store Hairbrush". Bob feels every smack right down to his soul and he jumps and jerks his head every time it lands on his flaming cheeks. For you hairbrush fans, this is the video for you!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00061

Dana's Christmas Album:Season's Beatings

Dana's Christmas Album:Season's Beatings DVD

It's about time I put out a Christmas movie and you'll love watching this no matter what time of year it is. My husband Lee is in serious trouble when I get home from shopping and find he's neglected to do his chores. I scrap the idea of going to a Christmas party and spend the evening with him over my lap getting his bare bottom spanked, and bent over my chair getting a severe strapping. This is the meanest spanking I've given to Lee yet, and I make him howl and kick up a storm. I show no mercy with my straps and hairbrushes and see to it that he won't ruin my next Christmas!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00060

Dana's Whipping Boy

Dana's Whipping Boy DVD

I am cranky and in a very bad mood, so how do I relieve my tension and stress? I call on my whipping boy and let all my anger out on his bare bottom. I begin by giving him a five-minute non-stop hand spanking, and you know me well enough by now to know my hand spankings are hard! No patty-cakes or light smacks, just full force open hand bare bottom spankings for five long minutes. Next come my leather straps for another long and painful punishment, followed by another marathon hand spanking. My naughty boy certainly earned the title of Dana's Whipping Boy after I finished with him.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00059

Spanked For Spying (DVD)

Spanked For Spying (DVD) DVD

52 minutes. My handy man Denny is supposed to be changing a light bulb in the kitchen while I'm in my bedroom getting changed. Just as I slip into my bra and stockings I catch him leering at me through the half open door. I am outraged and decide that he has to be punished. And punish him is exactly what do - the tried and true ,old fashioned way of punishing naughty boys with a bare bottom spanking! Denny learns a lesson the hard way by going across my lap and getting his bare behind spanked, strapped and paddled. Is he sorry for peeking at me getting dressed? You be the judge.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00056

A Very Angry Boss (DVD)

A Very Angry Boss (DVD) DVD

Don't leave my desk in a mess and don't leave the toilet seat up if you use my restroom, either! Lee got a little sloppy in my office and I wasn't in the mood to put up with his behavior and lack of respect any more. I told him he needed to be spanked over my knee for his childish behavior and that if he didn't smarten up he'd be fired. I'm sure he thought his bottom was on fire by the time I finished with him, using all my punishment implements, including the cane. Of course after a good caning there's always a hard paddling!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00054

Dana's Domestic Discipline (DVD)

Dana's Domestic Discipline (DVD) DVD

Back in the days when I was a single Mom I took in boarders to help with my household expenses. Many young men and women came and went through the years and some of them were undisciplined and needed my firm hand. Most in need of my disciplinarian skills was Donnie and he often ended up getting a sound spanking just like he received in this video. Donnie was supposed to mow the lawn while I was at work and when I arrived home I found him instead watching TV and drinking beer. I was livid! I ordered him to fetch my bag of implements and get ready for a spanking he would never forget. I administered a long, hard hand spanking, strapping, paddling and caning to Donnie's bare bottom AND the backs of his thighs. He would remember this severe punishment for several days everytime he sat.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00053

No, Mommy No!

No, Mommy No! DVD

What happens to a naughty boy who makes me the laughing stock of the neighborhood? He gets spanked that's what! I teach him a lesson on disrespect the old fashioned way; across my knee with a good hard spanking on his bare bottom. He makes me so upset I give him a good whipping with my leather straps too, but make him kneel on the bed so I can get a better swing. He tries to put his hand back and stop me so it's back across my knee for a harsh hairbrush spanking. My naughty boy likes to kick and squirm too and I show him how I can keep his legs still, by ordering him back on the bed where I straddle him and take the wooden paddle to his already red spanked bare bottom.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00052

Bad Boy Button Blues

Bad Boy Button Blues DVD

When my naughty boy Philip comes home from school with a note from his teacher, he knows he's in trouble with me. He also knows when he gets punished at school he gets a spanking at home too and spank him I did! To make things worse, his teacher pinned a "bad boy" button on his shirt and made him wear it all day. I was furious! My naughty boy was now a bad boy and when my naughty boy is BAD, he gets spanked with a wooden hairbrush. His bottom was all ready red and bruised from the teacher's spanking, but I didn't let that stop me from making it redder and a lot more painful. He howls and kicks and wiggles and squirms but I keep right on punishing him until there's nothing left in me. What a workout I put myself through, but he deserved every smack and crack for earning a "bad boy" button at school.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00051

That's What I Call A Spanking

That's What I Call A Spanking DVD

My naughty boy Bob is getting it good again in this newest video we shot in Las Vegas. Bob's lovely wife Ariel is behind the camera and laughing and giggling and teasing him as he gets ready for his spanking, and also adding her comments while he's being punished. Ariel wants him spanked harder this time and I do my best to administer a good bottom blistering. You'll love the strapping scene where I use all Bob's leather straps and his own belt on him. Some of his straps are similar to my own and feel familiar in my hand, but it doesn't take me long to get the feel of his newer straps either. You'll see just how hard I strap him after I warm him up with my hand. And he gets a good caning too! Oh yes, Bob wouldn't be properly punished without a severe caning at the end, now would he. Now that's what I call punishment!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00048

Punished For Smoking

Punished For Smoking DVD

Learn how to quit smoking the Dana discipline way. When all other methods fail, you can be sure a bare bottom blistering will work! Bob's wife wants me to punish him for smoking and I'm more than happy to oblige. She brings a girlfriend along to witness his punishment and the two ladies are delighted to help by handing me implements to use on his deserving bare bottom. Lots of giggling and laughing from the ladies but not from poor Bob - just promises to never smoke again!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00044

I Wish My Wife Would Spank Me (DVD)

I Wish My Wife Would Spank Me (DVD) DVD

39 minutes. "I wish my wife would spank me." I've heard many of my clients tell me this before and I decided to do a video using this fantasy. Mistress Sandy plays Rachael, a loving wife who agrees to give her husband Jack his ultimate fantasy. Rachael calls me on the phone and sets up an appointment for their anniversary night, where I show her how to spank her husband. Rachael watches as I demonstrate how to keep her husband secure across my lap, how to hold my hand while I spank his bottom, and how to use a leather strap and wooden paddle. She catches on fast and tries her own hand at spanking Jack. This is a great video featuring two sexy ladies who love to spank - each with our own special technique.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00042

High Class Punishment (DVD)

High Class Punishment (DVD) DVD

Dana and her husband James spend a lovely evening dining out but James can't keep his eyes off their pretty waitress. Dana and James return home where she informs James he is going to be punished for his rude and flirtatious behavior in public. Dana is elegantly dressed in her long, red, skin-tight gown and takes James across her lap for a spanking. Not satisfied with his attitude, she then orders James to bring her the leather strap and proceeds to redden his bare bottom. The strapping she gives James only fuels her fire to add a good caning to his punishment.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00041

Office Punishment (DVD)

Office Punishment (DVD) DVD

Ms. Specht runs a respectable business and rules it with a velvet glove, as well as a wooden paddle, a leather strap and a cane! When Dana overhears one of her employees violating company rules regarding private phone calls she becomes quite annoyed. When she hears him speaking of how he spanked his girlfriend last night, she gets even more annoyed. And when she hears him refer to her as 'the bitch I work for', she becomes enraged!! Watch as Ms. Specht teaches this outrageous male some very severe lessons.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00040

Sweet & Severe (DVD)

Sweet & Severe (DVD) DVD

52 min. I'm in the mood to give my husband (Lee) a loving sensual spanking before bed and I start off that way with tender touches, loving pats, and gentle smacks on his bare bottom. Buta 'sweetie' from my husband's office phones and interrupts our intimate playtime and I am no longer the loving sweet wife with the tender touch! Lee is in serious trouble now as my hand spankings become hard smacks on his upturned cheeks and I bring out my arsenal of spanking implements to let him know that I am his one and only 'sweetie'!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00037

Down Home Discipline

Down Home Discipline DVD

My nephew Bart learns he's not too old or too big to go across my lap for a spanking when I discover he's been expelled from college. That is your punishment when you live with Aunt Dana and break my rules. Bart's pants are pulled down and he's draped across my lap for an embarrassing hand spanking and it doesn't stop there. I still have my leather straps and wooden paddles, which were used on him for discipline in the past, and I blister his bare bottom while he lies across my bed in the traditional down home discipline style.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00036

Nothing But The Strap (DVD)

Nothing But The Strap (DVD) DVD

50 minutes.This title says it all except that its my hand that is applying it! And that means that it is more than one simple little strap. Oh no. This means over the knee strapping, bending over the chair strapping, leaning over the dresser strapping and it's a small hard heavy leather strap, to even a long type of razor strap. I make it a rule never to mess around when a serious strapping is due and this video illustrates that point perfectly!!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00035

Double Trouble for Lee (DVD)

Double Trouble for Lee (DVD) DVD

One of my boys stops by for his regular discipline. Unexpectedly my good friend, Princess Gail, stops by to see if I'm up for a little shopping. Princess Gail is delightedly surprised to find me just beginning to administer some needed discipline and is doubly pleased when I ask her if she will help me doing so. Needless to say the bad boy has "double trouble" on his hands....rather his bottom! He should be happy....right!? Maybe, until we apply those wicked ratten canes until we are satisfied he has been properly corrected! Ouch!!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00034

Danas Greatest Hits (Caning) (DVD)

Danas Greatest Hits (Caning) (DVD) DVD

A 'must have' video for all you cane lovers - this video has clips from all Dana's exciting videos where she brandishes her canes as only Dana can. No straps, hairbrushes, paddles or handspankings - nothing but constant severe cane strokes. Order your copy now! Or else! WHOOSH! CRAAACK!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00033



My nephew Rick is staying with me while he goes to college and my rules are simple - bring home good grades or else! Are college boys too old to be spanked? No they're not, when they live under my roof! Continuous spanking and strapping action keeps you on the edge of your seat while you watch me take my college boy across my knee for some old fashioned discipline.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00032

Scolding During Discipline (DVD)

Scolding During Discipline (DVD) DVD

45 minutes. Produced in association with our friend Aunt Kay at the Disciplinary Wives Club, this video is heavy on scolding and will be a favorite among those who enjoy hearing Dana at her authoritative best. With a different naughty boy playing Dana's husband in each of two scenarios, she shows how she deals with a spouse who is late arriving home and who is caught gambling again. After the scoldings, Dana swings into action with her usual skillfully applied spankings using her hand and implements. More than just a spanking video, Dana conducts an actual tutorial on how a strict, commanding woman should discipline her man.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00031

The Birthday Spanking

The Birthday Spanking DVD

A very special video from Dana Specht's private stock. You read about it in Dana's Diary---now see it as it actually happened. One of Dana's favorite bad boys comes for his annual Birthday Spanking, but with Dana Specht, you know that won't be a quick 51 swats. No, try 51 swats with just about every implement in her arsenal---sometimes 51 on each cheek!---beginning with a lengthy hand spanking just to "warm things up". That includes 51 hard cane strokes and the blood begins to fly. Then it's another 21 heavy cane strokes (for being late), followed by the big Spencer Paddle, and you have one of the most intense videos ever. Shot in Ms Specht's private boudoir, this was never intended for public viewing. But now it can be yours. Don't wait until another birthday comes around; order this special one-of-a-kind video today.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00026

Hairbrush Discipline (DVD)

Hairbrush Discipline (DVD) DVD

33 minutes. Pure wooden hairbrush spankings and nothing else! No warm up, no hand or any other implements - just the wooden hairbrush. If you've never experienced a REAL spanking with a wooden hairbrush, this video shows you there is no better way to administer discipline. Lee is smacked over my knee, bent over a chair and while standing in the corner. My famous leg lock position is used as well, to keep him where he belongs and really set his bare bottom on fire.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00024

Fem Doms' Party

Fem Doms' Party DVD

This new video features Mistress Sandy, Mistress Katelyn, and myself. We are having a party and poor unsuspecting Lee walks in and soon finds himself at the mercy of 3 women brandishing straps, paddles, hairbrushes and canes. The door is bolted, his car keys are confiscated, and his bottom is ours! We attack him from all sides and give him the full treatment, ignoring his pleas for us to stop. And do we stop and give Lee some tender loving care? Of course not!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00019

How To Punish Your Playboy Husband (DVD)

How To Punish Your Playboy Husband (DVD) DVD

50 minutes. When my "husband" showed up late for our dinner date because he stayed too long at the bar with his friends, I decided to teach him a lesson. He experienced the full fury of my wrath across my lap for a bare bottom blistering. To make sure he wouldn't stand me up again, I emphasized my displeasure using leather straps, wooden paddles, and my cane!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00018

David's Strict Mom (DVD)

David's Strict Mom (DVD) DVD

These actual real-life sessions with my naughty "little boy" David, is a compilation of many scenes in which he receives various forms of domestic punishment. Dressed in panties to display his "little girl" bottom, he is spanked over my lap and placed in humiliating positions to receive the strap, paddle and cane. A sassy mouth is washed out with soap, and a whiney little boy gets plenty of scolding from his unhappy "mom". Cuddling and kissing away his tears after his punishment brings this domestic scenario to a wonderful "warm" end.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00016

The Disciplinarian 1 (DVD)

The Disciplinarian 1 (DVD) DVD

I was sent by John's wife to apply some "special" therapy to her disrespectful Husband. She requested a bright red bottom to make him change his selfish ways. Not only did I leave blisters and bruises, but also a few cane stripes were present to enhance the effect of his therapy.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00015

Punished Maintenance Man (DVD)

Punished Maintenance Man (DVD) DVD

42 min. During a recent hotel stay, I experienced a problem with my telephone. They sent over their handy man who turned out to be a petty thief. Thinking I wasn't in my room, he steals a ring from my purse and I walk in on him. Imagine his surprise when I tell him who I am and what I intend to do to him for his crime! The tough maintenance man howls like a little boy when he finds himself unable to escape my firm leg lock position.

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00014

An Introduction To Dana Specht (DVD)

An Introduction To Dana Specht (DVD) DVD

Have you ever wondered what a personal discipline session with Dana Specht is like? Now you can find out in a revealing video that opens the door to her spanking room and guides you step-by-step through her methods of administering corporal punishment. Dana discusses various implements and then demonstrates their use on a naughty boy, after giving him a hard, OTK, bare-bottom hand spanking, of course! Lots of leather straps, hairbrush and cane action!

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00013

Renee The Babysitter

Renee The Babysitter DVD

Talented Dana plays two roles in this unique video, as the "mother" of bratty David and as David's babysitter. When David's "mom" leaves for the evening, he promises that he'll be a good boy while babysitter Renee is there. But he teases and aggravates her until she finally resorts to giving him a sound spanking with her hand and various implements before tucking him into bed. After the "mom" returns and finds out about his misbehavior, she dishes out some punishment of her own.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00012

The Disciplinarian Part II (Hot Buns) (DVD)

The Disciplinarian Part II (Hot Buns) (DVD) DVD

Jon thinks he is secretly meeting a hot date he found through the Internet. Much to his surprise, he'd been corresponding to Disciplinarian Dana Specht all along, through a scheme his wife had set him up for. Watch how the Disciplinarian takes control of Jon's romantic setting at his hotel room, and teaches this disrespectful husband again a blistering lesson. Lots of OTK action, plus straps, paddles, hairbrush and canes, AND a few added surprise implements.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00011

A Very Angry Mom (DVD)

A Very Angry Mom (DVD) DVD

My naughty little "boy" David was very disrespectful to his babysitter and was told he was going to get a spanking every night before going to bed for a whole week. After his shower, he is soundly spanked and then told to go to bed. When I pull the covers down to tuck him in, I discover his panty stash he had stolen from the babysitter. He is punished again, this time with my belt, hairbrush, paddle and cane. My leather sandal also came in handy as this angry Mom shows her disgust and temper with her wayward "son". Strict severe discipline throughout as I bring this "boy" to tears.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00007

Punished For Peeping (DVD)

Punished For Peeping (DVD) DVD

**now only available as a download** My teenage neighbor is caught looking through my bedroom window, as I get dressed. He is hauled into my house and over my lap for a bare bottom spanking. I find out he's stolen a few pairs of my panties and likes to wear them on occasion. Much to his embarrassment, I dress him up in a pair with a silky baby doll pajama top. He's then turned across my knees for a spanking on his panty-clad bottom with the palm of my hand. While in the corner with his bright red bottom on display, I phone his aunt and tell her what her naughty nephew has been up to, and how I punished him for his rude behavior.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00004