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Room Service and ReSpecht (DVD)

When I order room service at a first class hotel, the waiter who arrives has more in mind than opening the wine. Catching a glimpse of me at the door, he can't resist peeking at me in my robe when I go into the bedroom for his tip. He soon appreciates why all women, but especially a professional disciplinarian, should be treated with respect, a lesson learned across my lap and through foot worship. This is a "point of view" video, where the viewer is the waiter.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00294

Sarah's Subspace Treat (DVD)

Sarah's Subspace Treat (DVD) DVD

Sarah: "In this 40 min long play film, I get a real treat. I enter the room only to find my Dominant, Miss Bernadette and my Momma, Dana Specht. The three of us have never done a film together, so this was a real treat. This film crosses the boundary between pure spanking and BDSM and incorporates both together. I have a different relationship with each of these two women and wanted to explore the aspects of each on film. Each takes me through the various ways we play with Dana giving me the traditional over the knee spanking and Bernadette doing more of the play we do. Each lady sort of shows each the kind of play we get up to in our relationship. I get deep into subspace and of course get to experience all sorts of sensations between pain and pleasure. The end result is of course the amazing pleasure of multiple orgasms with my new vibrator."

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00188

Anything You Say Ma'am (DVD)

Anything You Say Ma'am (DVD) DVD

(Sarah's First Ever On-Camera Orgasm) Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. Sarah says she is willing to do anything at her interview for her new job as Miss Specht's assistant. Little did she know what anything meant. Sarah finds herself cuffed, blindfolded, being spanked, groped, touched, and taken advantage of in many ways. To Sarah's surprise, she actually begins to enjoy this treatment and has one of the best orgasms of her life. I think she will be keeping the job.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00087

Spanking Interrogation (DVD)

Spanking Interrogation (DVD) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory. Sarah Gregory is arrested by police officer Dana Specht and sits handcuffed to a chair while Dana questions her alleged criminal activity. Sarah isn't talking and Dana persists with questions and evidence until she finally has enough of her foul mouth and backtalk. Dana takes the cuffs off, turns Sarah over her knee and spanks her but she's still not admitting any wrong doing. A strip search follows with a full body cavity search. Sarah is then strapped, paddled and caned until she eventually confesses.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00077

Foot Slave Tom

Foot Slave Tom DVD

This is a point of view custom video that my foot slave Tom requested and I thought it was hot enough to share with all my loyal foot slaves. I begin the scene by taking off my sweaty sneakers and socks after coming from my gym, and make the viewer lick my feet and suck the sweat from my damp and smelly gym socks. Next I change into stockings and high heels and order my humble slave to kneel at my feet and clean the soles of my scuffed high heels. You get lots of close up shots of my feet and legs in this very sexy video. A must have for all my leg and feet loving naughty boys.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00058

Under Dana's Feet (DVD)

Under Dana's Feet (DVD) DVD

Ms. Dana Specht evolves as the Goddess of Discipline in this erotic video of her subjugation and humiliation of a "Naughty Boy" whose desire to play golf leads to intense discipline and submission. Her date is late for a dinner engagement due to his extended time on the golf course. His excuses and pleas for forgiveness falls on deaf ears as he is made to kneel before her and serve as her human coffee table while she leisurely sits back and enjoys a glass of wine. Her errant companion is made to massage her beautiful feet before being ordered on his hands and knees to the bedroom for a severe punishment session. His role soon evolves from companion to slave as he is made to lay across her lap for an over the knee spanking. His discipline is intermingled with foot submission as she wipes her feet on his face while he is licking her soles and sucking her toes. Through the use of her assorted implements of pain/pleasure (straps, whips and cane) he is further reduced to an obedient and attentive slave that includes cock torture with a penis whip. His demeanor rapidly changes from stoical indifference to an intense desire to please and obey. This is a must video to see for those who seek discipline and humiliation at the hands of a strong, no-nonsense woman whose men are made attentive, obedient and who are tamed

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00055

Mouth Soaping

Mouth Soaping DVD

At last! An entire tape of mouth soaping scenes for all you aficionados of that dreaded bar of soap! My naughty boy David gets his sassy mouth washed out with soap in different scenarios, keeping you drooling and wanting more. This is a compilation of many spanking sessions I've done with my naughty boy David, and he always got his mouth washed out with soap. Over fifty minutes of sudsy, bubbly, foamy mouth soaping punishment.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00045

Dana's Pretty Panty Boy (DVD)

Dana's Pretty Panty Boy (DVD) DVD

Aunt Dana comes home from work early and finds her nephew Harley exploring the treasures in her panty drawer. No-nonsense Dana takes Harley over her knee and spanks his bare bottom until it is beet red then, to further his humiliation she dresses him in girlie clothes and continues to punish him with more spankings, stappings, paddlings and canings. This naughty nephew is transformed into a naughty niece and he quickly learns that girls get spanked just as hard as boys. Thin satin lacy panties don't offer much protection on a boy's bare bottom when he's getting spanked by Aunt Dana

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00038

David's Little Secret (DVD)

David's Little Secret (DVD) DVD

David's mom discovers his panty stash and confronts him with his lacy treasures when he gets home from school. A thorough mouth soaping is done to insure he won't keep secrets from his mom again. When he's asked if he has any more secrets, he confesses to his mom through a mouthful of foamy Irish Spring, that he wants to be spanked while wearing panties. "Be careful what you wish for David," was his mom's curt reply, and she turns him over her knee for a hard hand spanking and hairbrush spanking, followed by a thorough strapping, paddling and caning as he writhes across his bed, begging her to stop.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00022

Morning Interlude

Morning Interlude DVD

A must-have for all my leg loving fans! Watch as I wake up and begin my morning routine of sensual stretching and dressing in my laciest under things. Seamed stockings, black patent leather high heels, lacy half-slip, then my business suit, as I get ready for work. I pose my legs and show off some toe cleavage to tantalize your every fantasy.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00017

Dana Specht's Foot Tease Video

Dana Specht's Foot Tease Video DVD

This video is sure to please all my feet and leg fans out there. I wear a pretty little dress with shiny pantyhose and black pumps. I tell you how I will make you suck my toes and kiss my legs as I slip off my shoes and show you my pretty size 6 feet with red painted toenails. You get to watch as I slip off my dress and change into full bottom panties, garter belt and taupe hose. Lots of teasing and gentle scolding as I promise to deliver a bare bottom spanking if you don't kiss my toes properly. 56 minutes in length.

Price: $34

Catnum: DS00009