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Dana Specht began starring in spanking videos back in the 1990's, but over the years the master copies of her early work became lost. Until now!

Literally discovered inside a cardboard box way at the back of a dark and secluded storage space were five vintage Dana videos, including her very first performance. They have been converted to DVDs and are now available for sale. It is obvious from seeing her appearances in these videos why she was destined to go on to be such a star in the spanking world. If you're curious to see the early Dana Specht in action, now is your chance. The videos available for sale are:

  • David Meets Dana (Her first)
  • Debra's New Boss
  • Steven's Bad Day
  • Six Spanked Bottoms
  • Jonathan

Additionally available, also from 1990's and from Brooks Applications (no longer in business) are:

  • Pure Hand Spanking
  • Paddling
  • Naughty Boy Lecture



Jonathan DVD

Vintage DVD from the 1990's. This video has 3 segments and Jonathan gets spanked, paddled, and the hairbrush. This is one of my best early videos.

Price: $45

Catnum: DS00113

Six Spanked Bottoms (DVD)

Six Spanked Bottoms (DVD) DVD

Vintage DVD from the 1990's. Headmistress Dana Specht punishes 6 naughty girls over their dresses, over their bloomers, over their panties, then on their bare bottoms. Class is Dana Specht spanking and scolding!

Price: $45

Catnum: DS00112

Steven's Bad Day (DVD)

Steven's Bad Day (DVD) DVD

27 min. Vintage DVD from the 1990's. Steven pays a visit to Aunt Dana and he is in big trouble. Aunt Dana gives him an old fashioned bare bottom spanking over her knee with her hand and hairbrush.

Price: $45

Catnum: DS00111

Debra's New Boss

Debra's New Boss DVD

Vintage DVD from the 1990's. Watch as Debra tries to squirm her way out of a spanking at the office from her boss Dana Specht. She gets turned over the boss' knee and hand spanked then with the hairbrush. Debra's secretary Celia ends up getting spanked too while Debra cools her roasted rump while standing in the corner.

Price: $45

Catnum: DS00110

David Meets Dana (DVD)

David Meets Dana (DVD) DVD

Dana's first video. Vintage DVD from the 1990's.

Price: $45

Catnum: DS00109