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David's Summer Spankings

David's Summer Spankings DVD

(audio only) 9-part audiobook - 2 hours, 15 minutes. Dana does all the voices: the narrator (from the male point-of-view), Vicki and her mother Kathy, David and his mother Terry.

Price: $9

Catnum: DS00322

Maid For Punishment II

Maid For Punishment II DVD

Well Sarah is at it again flirting with the hotel guests instead of doing her job as a maid. Her boss, played by Givan, walks in and catches her in the act and both Sarah and the male hotel guest get a bare bottom spanking.

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00142

Naughty Siblings

Naughty Siblings DVD

Mommy is trying to take a nap but my two little brats, Sarah and Justin, are misbehaving and making it impossible to sleep. Tired and cranky, I take each one over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. Justin gets the hairbrush since he started it all, much to the delight of Sarah.

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00116