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Christmas Spanking Story (Download)

Christmas Spanking Story (Download) DVD

32 minutes. Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory. Christmas is almost here and my darling has been naughty and misbehaving more than ever. I am so worried that Santa Claus won't visit her this year and leave her presents because of her bad behavior. Santa pays me a surprise visit and tells me that naughty girls do not get presents they get spankings! He suggests I take her over my knee and spank the naughtiness out of her and I reluctantly agree. In walks my naughty Sarah and jumps on Santa's knee looking very sweet and innocent until he announces why he's there... to show Dana how to spank her unruly brat. Sarah is mortified and tries to convince Dana and Santa not to spank her but to no avail. Sarah gets hand spanked by the both of us then with the hairbrush, but it doesn't end there. A caning ensues and the punished naughty Sarah redeems herself for a Merry Christmas with presents under the tree! (32 min.)

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00269

Punished Blackmail Beauty 2

Punished Blackmail Beauty 2 DVD

27 minutes. With Lee and Amber Michaels After I deliver some hard OTK spankings and send beautiful Amber to the corner to display her red bare bottom, Lee takes over this naughty girl's punishment with more strappings and hand spankings. Great M/F domination and discipline in this exclusive video with close up camera angles giving you more than a quick glimpse at this blackmail beauty's lovely spankable bottom.

Price: $19

Catnum: DS00253

Sarah Gregory's Spring Break Spankings

Sarah Gregory's Spring Break Spankings DVD

Starring Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht, and Richard Windsor. 47 minutes. For an extensive trailer, click on Updates above, then find the title in the right-hand margin. Sarah is spending her spring break weekend in Atlantic City with me and I gave her my credit card and said to spend only $100. Well, she comes back to the hotel loaded down with bags and bags of clothes to the grand total of $500. Needless to say, I was livid and gave her a hard bare bottom spanking followed by a dose of the strap. But that's not all; my brother Richard and I take her to dinner and her behavior is rude and unladylike. We bring her back to the hotel and spank her soundly - first a hand spanking by me, then Uncle Richard turns her over his knee while I look on. I then suggest to Richard that we should both teach her a lesson and give her a double dose of spankings. Richard and I sit knee-to-knee and give Sarah a long rapid fire four-hand-spanking that brings her to tears and turns her bottom crimson.

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00165

Prom Night Punishment (Download)

Prom Night Punishment (Download) DVD

It's Prom night and past Sarah's curfew. Daddy Paul and I are worried sick about our little girl and in she flounces with a sassy attitude. I turn her over my knee, raise her dress to spank her, and see she is not wearing panties. The punishment is going to be worse. Daddy takes his belt to her and Momma has no sympathy for my naughty girl. (35 min.)

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00117

Dana's Sound Advice

Dana's Sound Advice DVD

Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Dana all about her new beau. I am delighted she is so happy and I ask to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet me and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. I give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn't sit well with me. I tell him I spank her and show him exactly how I do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiancee, which he does quite well. Dana is happy that Sarah will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary.

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00104

Grin and Bare It

Grin and Bare It DVD

Starring Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory & Paul. Sarah's Daddy Paul and I found out that she was flashing her bare breasts while on the way to Atlantic City and we were not very happy about it. Sarah was sent to her room while Daddy and I discussed her fate - an OTK bare bottom spanking from each of us, then Daddy strapped her with his belt. Momma Dana finished her punishment with a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking.

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00095

An Old Fashioned Spanking

An Old Fashioned Spanking DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory. Go back to the days in the 50's when punishment for naughty girls and boys warranted an over the knee bare bottom spanking. In this video, Sarah Gregory is once again my unruly daughter but I think she is a perfect angel. That is, until I come home from work and find her over her Uncle Givan's knee getting a bare bottom spanking for her bad behavior at school and her overall sassy and bratty attitude toward him. Uncle Givan explains to me what's been going on when I'm not there and he's finally had enough and decides she needs to be punished. He convinces me to spank her too "just like Mom did to us when we were young", whichI do, much to Sarah's horror and shame. Sarah gets turned over Momma Dana's knee and gets a hard bare bottom hand spanking then sent to bed and told there is more to come. Uncle Givan and I take the belt to her and I finish her off with the classic wooden hairbrush.

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00078

A Not So Happy Spanksgiving

A Not So Happy Spanksgiving DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, Tubaman It's Thanksgiving Day and spoiled Sarah is in a funk. She hates her life, hates helping out around the house and feels she has nothing to be thankful for. When Mommy Dana tries to convince her otherwise, Sarah reacts with disrespectful words that earn her a sharp slap across the face. (A first for Sarah in a video, by the way.) What follows is a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking to adjust Sarah's attitude, and when daddy Paul returns home and finds out how his naughty girl was misbehaving, he takes her across his lap as well.

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00073

Daughter In Law 1

Daughter In Law 1 DVD

Dana Teaches Her Son How To Handle His Wife How does a husband deal with a naughty young wife who breaks the household budget with her constant trips to the mall? When Ms. Dana Specht's beloved son finds himself in this situation, he turns to her for guidance. She then proceeds to give his wayward bride a lesson in financial discipline, over her knee! Watch as naughty Salena learns she must endure the embarrassment of her first bare bottom spanking, and then tries her best to take it like a good girl. When Ms. Dana decides to break out her straps, she is soon promising to "follow the budget", but still has a long way to go before Ms. Dana is convinced she means it this time. In order to ensure that he's ready to take over his responsibility of punishing his wife, Ms. Dana asks her son to demonstrate his ability to deliver a good hard spanking. He is more than happy to show his Mom he's been paying attention, and it's another blistering for poor Salena. Afterward, when she's standing with her nose pressed right in the corner, it's obvious she learned her lesson "in the end."

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00043

Ruby's Discipline Training (Download)

Ruby's Discipline Training (Download) DVD

Mr. Lee and Dana Specht have been requested to provide discipline training for a friend of theirs (John). Apparently the girlfriend (Ruby) is not performing adequately for John so he has asked the two disciplinarians to administer corporal punishment to 'get her in line'. If you enjoy seeing a girl get it from both a man and a woman then you'll like this video. Ruby takes hand spanking, straps and even the rattan cane. Over the knee, bending over a chair. Two completely different dom styles from Mr. Lee and Dana Specht. After she is very well warmed up she pushes her pretty bottom out for that nasty cane. Poor Ruby! But you can bet by the time she leaves the doms have done their job!

Price: $24

Catnum: DS00039