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Maid for Punishment 1 (Download)

Maid for Punishment 1 (Download) DVD

Starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, Givan. 58 minutes. Sarah Gregory is a maid at a hotel and I am her supervisor. When I walked into a guest's room (Mr Givan) to check on her work I found her over his knee getting spanked. Mr. Givan informed me she was careless and sloppy and felt he needed to teach her a lesson. I took the matters into my own hands and turned Mr. Givan over my knee for being so forward with my employee, then gave Sarah a hard spanking for her silliness and poor work performance. I then ordered Sarah to give Mr. Givan a taste of his own medicine and she spanked him. I further humiliate him with an embarrassing "examination" to the delight of Miss Sarah, then turn the tables and make her bend over and endure the same. This video has something for everyone - F/F, F/M, M/F, spanking, hairbrush and caning plus a few kinky surprises.

Price: $29

Catnum: DS00242