Michael's Account

Dana Specht is an attractive, petite woman combining a slight frame, some welll toned musculature, and generous curves. She had dressed, at my request, in a knee length tight black skirt, black stockings and heels. Above the waist a long-sleeved white blouse buttoned to the neck and tucked into the skirt. A black jacket, cut severely, completed the outfit. Dana started with her hair up and played my Governess.

Ms Specht has silver hair which she'd pulled into a tight roll behind the head. It was clipped. Her brown eyes are compelling in person and provide a striking contrast to hair and face. If her hair starts up in session, have her unclip it during and shake her head. She looks like Sheena the Jungle woman and it you tell her this she'll reward with a big smile. Ask for hugs too. Dana gives good ones.

Dana was generous with her time. We sat and spoke about spanking and our session until it was clear we were both comfortable to begin. We went to the punishment room, defined our space and picked paddles and canes. Dana left the room for a minute and came back and we began our hour session.

Ms Specht was the Governess; I was her charge. I received a thorough scolding about my behaviour, was stripped to my underpants and punished. Dana is wonderfully verbal. She will say "Spank", "Spanking", "Paddling" and "Cane" in the context of your session more times than you can count.

Dana put me over her knee on the chair. Across her lap on the long side of the bed. She spanked and paddled me to a warm glow and then a fiery heat. She talked to me the whole time, just as the Governess would. Between spankings she hugged me and we held each other. Dana played the Governess perfectly. This was a loving and strong woman dedicated to my betterment. During session she both cared for and disciplined me.

The Spenser Paddle really didn't work for me; perhaps it never has. It won't be in play next time. At least not the full length version -- the mini spenser was fine. Dana seemed to sense my feeling about this as she quickly moved on to the cane.

The cane was breathtaking -- literally. Brilliant and Glorious. Adminstered correctly, the cane is a mixture of pleasure and pain. Liquid fire down your bare backside and thighs. In the hands of a competent woman the cane is magical.

Dana is expert with the cane. I received sixty strokes on my hands and knees, some straight up and some slightly forward, forearms on the bed. It was my favourite. Next time I am going for just over one hundred with the cane. Dana named one of the canes for me, and it is now Michael's cane. Ask for it.

After dressing we spoke again over a glass of water. We took time to decompress and talk about our session. My sensations and vulnerabilities. I told her I needed lots of hugs afterwards. Dana smiled and gave me heaps. When I was ready, she let me go.

Dana asked me to write this diary entry to go with hers. I did and here it is. I'm also working on a short story -- The Governess Effect. Look for it in September. Michael