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Jul 13, 2015No Daughter of Mine, Part 2No Daughter of Mine, Part 2https://www.danaspecht.com/galls/no-daughter-2/XXXXXX/ 
Jul 13, 2015No Daughter of Mine, Part 1No Daughter of Mine, Part 1https://www.danaspecht.com/galls/no-daughter/XXXXXX/ 
Jun 12, 2015Raging Wife Angry MistressRaging Wife Angry Mistresshttps://www.danaspecht.com/galls/raging-wife/XXXXXX/ 
Jun 12, 2015Sarah's Strict MomSarah's Strict Momhttps://www.danaspecht.com/galls/sarah-strict-mom-2/XXXXXX/ 
Jun 11, 2015Sarah's Strict MomSarah's Strict Momhttps://www.danaspecht.com/galls/strict-mommy/XXXXXX/