A Review


I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how nice it's been to have gotten to know you. I can still remember the days when I was pondering that first email, wondering if I should even be contacting you (something of a celebrity with all of your movies and web site). But, from day one, you've been so nice, and have always made me feel very welcome in your home.

I've especially enjoyed my visits to Carmel. While I've had some disappointing experiences elsewhere, you seem to be an extremely perceptive woman, able to read an individual's personality and understand his or her needs and limits. You always know when it's time for a little humor, and then you know the right time to be strict and intimidating.

I've also enjoyed our occasional role-playing sessions, where you've played along just as I had hoped. You are so professional, compassionate, playful, all the things anyone would want (not to mention the hardest hand-spanking ever!). I can't imagine seeing anyone else.

Yours always, Clark