Dana Tames Jeff

Of all the memorable experiences that I have had in my life, I will never forget the time I first met Dana Specht. I had been in a couple of relationships with women that I dominated and I had become curious as to how it felt to be on the other end of the paddle. Unable to find a woman that I could be submissive to, I sought out the help of a professional mistress. I got a copy of Encore, which contained adds from Dominatrixes around the country. I tried three that resided in my local area, but they left me feeling incomplete in a couple of ways. First, they all seemed as if they were merely at work and not really into what they were doing and second, none of them gave me the strict, hard discipline that I craved to satisfy my fantasy of really being taken by a dominating woman. I had noticed Dana's picture in her Encore add and I was struck by her physical appearance. She had the look of a dominating woman that stirred deep inside my fantasies.

I had some business in the Bay area that afforded me a free afternoon. I called her number from the add. I noticed that her voice and her manner of speaking was very stern and direct, but still maintained a feminine quality. It matched her picture and my fantasy. I felt both fear and arousal stirring within me during our phone conversation. I confessed my desire for very hard discipline and conveyed the disappointment I had felt with prior Dommes. She assured me that she was for real and that she could give me what I needed. Feeling as if I had no choice but to give in to my inner desires, I made an appointment for the next day.

The build up of my fear and excitement that accompanied me as I made the scenic drive from San Francisco to Carmel was almost unbearable. To calm myself and keep my mind on the road, I convinced myself that she was probably going to be a disappointment like the others. Those thoughts faded when she answered the door at my arrival. She was dressed in a short black dress that revealed her well endowed and finely toned body. She obviously worked out often to keep it that way. She looked as if she walked straight out of my fantasy. She was about 5-10 years my senior, but still very beautiful. Her body, her face, her hair, her voice, the way she moved across the floor were all perfect for my fantasy. What struck me the most was her eyes. They were stern, yet caring and they completely captivated me.

We talked for a short time on her couch, getting acquainted. It was merely small talk. I had told her much of my desires the day prior on the phone so she did not have to ask what I wanted from the session. I was beginning to relax from the idle conversation when she suddenly changed to a harsher tone and told me to follow her into her bedroom. My heart rate suddenly quickened. She led me into the room and closed the door. She ordered me to place an armless straight-backed chair in the center of the room next to a full length mirror. She then ordered me to disrobe. I did so slowly and then I carelessly tossed my clothes in a pile on the floor. She reprimanded me for being slow and told me to fold my clothes and carefully stack them in the corner. I did so with an air of insolence, which I made apparent to her. I was not used to being talked to this way and my rebellion was almost automatic.

She sat down in the chair and ordered me over to her right side. I casually stepped over standing by her side completely naked. She lectured me on my insubordination and informed me that I was about to be punished for it. She hiked up her skirt, exposing her nylons and commanded me to lay across her lap. I felt my instant arousal stirring as my naked body touched the fabric covering her beautiful firm thighs. Her strong left arm circled around my waist, holding me fast as her right arm raised high in the air. She paused to catch my eye in the mirror that I was watching her in and she said, "Now young man, you will learn to obey me a little more quickly."

In the mirrors reflection I saw her hands rapid decent, then. I heard a loud SMACK. The sharp sting of her first swat sent a jolt of pain searing across my naked ass. I remember thinking, "that hurt", as I saw her arm raise again in the mirrors reflection. The second blow came, which felt harder than the first. She rained down a seemingly endless amount of swats in an agonizingly slow and methodical pace. Gone were any prior thoughts I had of her not being strict enough or "for real." My mind raced with the realization that I was lying naked across a beautiful woman's lap that I had only met a few short minutes ago and she was spanking me harder than I have ever been spanked. She was for real alright!. I had no idea at that moment in time that this was just the beginning.

She ordered me off of her lap and commanded me to retrieve her paddle that had been meticulously placed on the top of her dresser. I did so, not realizing until later how much quicker I was at obeying her commands now. She ordered me back across her lap and then proceeded to paddle my sore ass very hard. I heard the gasping cries escaping my mouth that followed each CRACK the paddle made as it struck my burning ass. I was squirming around so much from the pain that I almost fell off of her lap. She scolded me, ordering me to hold still and keep quiet. To steady myself, I grabbed ahold of the chair leg with my left hand and I fastened my right hand around Dana's ankle. This seemed to anger her more. She ordered me to keep both of my hands flat on the floor and to hold still. She accentuated her point with a particularly hard swat from her paddle. She then resumed paddling me with renewed fervor. The blows she was raining down on my burning butt were making it impossible to hold still and remain silent. I was ired at her continuing to order me commands that she had to know I could not obey. Incensed by my inability to follow her commands she told, "Since you are unable to hold still by yourself, I guess I will just have to find a way to make you hold still." She firmly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me over to the side of her bed. She ordered me to bend over the bed so that my ass was resting on the edge of the mattress. She then used restraints that she had already emplaced, (I had told her of my desire to be bound by a woman), and firmly tied one wrist to the headpost and the other to the foot of the bed. My arms were stretched tightly across the length of her bed and my legs hung down onto the floor. Now she had me exactly where she wanted me, leaving me fully exposed to any onslaught she desired to impose on my naked, flaming red ass.

She slowly walked over to her dresser and removed a red cat-o-nine flogger from a drawer. She then sauntered back over behind me, menacingly slapping the business end of the whip into her hand. She glared down at me as I looked at her over my shoulder. Her cold hard stare informed me that I was going to really get it now.! She held the handle of the whip in one hand and the tails tightly in the other. She then raised her hands high above her head and put tension on the whip as if trying to pull it apart. I could see her finely toned arm muscles grow taught as she stretched the whip as tight as a piano wire.

Suddenly she let go of the tail portion of the flogger and the whip tension of her right hand brought the whip quickly down upon my nude butt. The incredible sting was unbearable. It made me mad. We had a safe word that I could use if the pain got too intense, but my prideful anger prevented me from using it. I was not yet ready to give into this woman, giving her the satisfaction of taming me. In vain, I struggled against the binds that held me securely fastened to her bed. I gave her a hard evil stare back over my shoulder and she countered right back with an angry stare of her own. This had become a battle of wills that I was not going to win. Her stern, angry stare was continuous as she whipped my ass hard at a rhythmic pace. I, however, was unable to hold my defiant gaze. My resistance to being dominated by this woman ebbed quickly. The intensity of each strike of the whip on my ass and thighs was escalating to the point that I lost all thought of anything other than the searing pain she was inflicting upon me.

I could not help it. somewhere around the fifth blow, I began to cry out. My head began to toss around as the force of each stroke battered against my quivering butt. I pressed my face down into the bedspread, biting down hard on it to try to compensate for the painful onslaught. I was also trying to suppress my cries which I imagined to be music to Dana's ears, for they told her that she was winning. Indeed she was winning. With expert skill this woman, that I hardly knew, was whipping me into submission. A cornucopia of thoughts and emotions were flooding my entire being. I felt fear, excitement, arousal, submission, and of course pain. I also felt a strange calming sense of release. For once I was not in control. I did not need to do anything but accept the punishment that was being meted out to me. She sensed my breaking point and ceased the whipping. I could feel her staring down at me with satisfaction as I lay sprawled on her bed, breathing hard and sweating. She then replaced the whip in her dresser and picked up a long, thin item from the corner of her room. It was a dressage whip. She returned to her place behind me. I looked over my shoulder at her, only this time my eyes conveyed fear instead of defiance, as she raised the instrument high above her head. She looked sternly into my pleading eyes before bringing the thin whip down hard across my battered ass. I heard a high pitched swishing as the whip cut through the air and then I felt the sharp sting as she laid the end of the whip across my poor derriere. It felt like Dana was placing thin strips of fire across my already scorched ass. It hurt terribly, in a different way than the flogger.

All of my pride was gone. I cried out loudly with every strike of the whip as if confessing to Dana, (not to mention her neighbors), that she had taken total control of me. tears pooled in my eyes as the intense searing pain continued through about ten strokes. She stopped, silently watching me as I lay limply across her bed. I believe she was reveling in the sound of my whimpering, proud of the success of her taming me. She untied me, pulled me to my feet and led my over to the mirror. She then spun me around so my backside was reflected in the glass and then ordered me to look at it. My ass was completely bruised and red from the small of my back down to my mid thighs. Thin welts from the dressage whip were clearly visible. "That's what happens to naughty boys that disobey me", she hissed sternly. She placed her face right up to mine until our noses were almost touching, staring hard into my eyes. "Understand?", she demanded, asserting her newly formed dominance over me. "Y_Yes... Maam", I stuttered my reply.

"Now I am going to show you what will happen to you if you ever disobey me again", she barked. Oh my god, what now I wondered. She drug me over to the chair and forced me over the back of it. The back of the chair was against my waist. She told me to hold on to the front legs of the chair and not to move until she was done. She then picked up a rattan cane that she had in the corner of her room. She told me that I was going to receive 6 strokes of the cane and that I was to count each one or she would start over again. She then commenced to caning me. The cane made a loud WHOOSH as it cut through the air. When it struck, it hurt like hell but I managed to hold as still as I could and count every one, (I did not want to anger her anymore.) I once again announced my pain with loud cries that surrounded the urgent counting of each stroke. I probably alerted the entire neighborhood of the fact that Dana was once again punishing yet another unruly male. When she was finished, she told me to stand up. She replaced the cane to the corner and took a bottle of hand lotion from her dresser.

She then took on a sudden softer tone as she took some lotion and put it in her hand. She rubbed it over my bruised ass. It soothed and cooled the heat that had enveloped my beaten butt cheeks. Her sudden gentle touch was a sharp contrast to the hard hand spanking she had given me before. Her touch now had become soft and sensual. I became noticeably aroused, in spite of my attempts to control it. My face flushed with embarrassment as she noticed my condition and smiled.

She then sat back down in the chair and took me gently over her knee again for one last handspanking "for the ride back to Frisco." I was afraid I would not be able to stand it, but it was softer and more sensual this time. It still hurt, due to the bruised condition of my ass, but I became more aroused this time. I once again watched her in the mirror as she spanked me. She was beautiful. Everything I had ever fantasized about. She had taken total control, completely dominating me. My soft cries and aroused moans filled the room as she took me to that special place where pleasure and pain cohabitate.

That was over five years ago and she has taken me many times since then. We have developed a special bond. A true friendship. That is because she really cares for people and really get into what she does. Believe me, Dana Specht is for real!