A Tribute From Mitch

Dear Dana,

I wish to thank you for such a pleasant session yesterday. My spanking session with you met all my expectations and more. You are also a very gracious and hospitable host. What added to make the experience so enjoyable is how quickly I felt at ease with you, since this was my first time in meeting you.

My desire to be spanked by an attractive woman was confirmed by the pictures of you on your web site, but to actually arrange a spanking session with someone like yourself can be a bit intimidating. There's always a certain apprehension that lurks in the back of one's mind in meeting someone for the first time; especially when the meeting involves something as personal as a spanking. At times, I thought of canceling our appointment out of fear that the reality of an actual spanking session might not turn out as one fantasizes. And would the session be worth the six hours drive to Carmel. My telephone conversation with you prior to our meeting was very comforting. Your genial voice and cheerful attitude was reassuring that my decision to visit you would be a good experience.

When I arrived at the town of Carmel I was about an hour early. I spent the time walking around town and also wanted to locate your house. I was very envious when I saw your home and its location. Such a beautiful home located next to the beach! Carmel is such a quaint town. I would like to return to spend more time sightseeing. With our first greeting, when I came to your door, I soon realized how charming a person you are. We talked for a short time and then you led me to your 'spanking room'. It is just as I have seen in your videos and pictures. We talked some more and then discussed the details of my spanking scenario. I was a little concerned as to the severity of the spanking. Would it be too hard or not as hard as I was hoping? I was totally amazed with your ability to discern my level of pain. You seemed to know immediately which implement was painful and which ones were not. Some spanking implements, like the large strap, didn't hurt as much as I expected but the hair brushes and paddles sure did!

I'm still feeling the effects of the large Spencer paddle today. Thank you again for a very memorable experience and I am anxiously awaiting my next visit with you.

Respectfully, your new naughty boy, Mitch