Dave's Testimonial

By Dave

My birthday spanking/session with Ms. Dana Specht!

I have been married for 30 years to the most wonderful woman in the world. About 15 years ago I asked her if she would spank me and take over as domestic disciplinarian in my life. It's a long story of how we got to where we are today but in a nutshell she agreed. I will be 60 in June of this year and by chance my wife was on FetLife and found Dana Specht. Her videos of scolding and spanking were learning tools for my wife when she was just getting into this crazy life we have now. So, Ms. Specht is definitely a BIG star in both of our eyes. Ms. Specht posted that she was coming to Las Vegas (where we live) in April for a vacation and sessions. My wife told me later you can't get better odds than that in Las Vegas...so she sent Ms. Specht a couple e-mails and they set up this session for April a couple months before my actual birthday. Now of course my wife had to tell me about this. After all spankings are consensual and if I walked into a room and there was Dana Specht standing there I would have run out the door and probably got hit by a cab or something. Anyway, scared and reluctant I agreed and tried to mentally prepare for the upcoming "session".

I didn't sleep the night before at all...the session was scheduled for 2 in the afternoon. We both arrived at the hotel and the wife made the call, "We are here", and up the elevator we went. We arrived at the door of the room and I was actually shaking with anticipation, nerves, sheer terror...Imagine Dana Specht was on the other side of that door. My wife went in first and the two of them hugged like old friends. Ms. Specht is very pretty and has a beautiful figure; she wore a simple short length black sleeveless dress, black hose, and patent leather high heels...classy all the way.

Her tools were fanned out on one of the two hotel room beds...brushes, straps, and small paddles, all small enough to easily pack in a suitcase. I was scared to death, shaking, and the first thing I said when I entered the room was "It's really her, it's really her", and was overcome with emotion. I too hugged her immediately - after all, she's a legend in the spanking world!

We had a wonderful sit-down conversation for 15 minutes, just to settle the butterflies and get to know each other a bit. We discussed my upcoming birthday, and she read an email my wife had sent her, the things she wanted her to "address" with me in terms of scolding and making the spanking meaningful. Let me just say, she is really good, I mean really good, at what she does!! She is not sadistic, she is not mean, she sets the mood, the mindset, she is very very personal, and focused on you. She did her homework and knew exactly what to say even though we had never met before. I would absolutely recommend her sessions to anyone! When she read the e-mail I started to get a little squirmy, the scolding had begun in a mild way but I was starting to feel like I was in the principal's office and it wasn't going to end up well.

She moved over to one of the beds and positioned herself and straightened her skirt. Her posture was perfect. Her demeanor changed ever so slightly as she gently scolded me a little more and directed me to remove my shirt. Now remember my wife is sitting on the other bed watching all this and taking pictures for crying out loud!!!!! Next thing I know she is undoing my belt saying naughty boys have to remove their pants when they get spanked..so off they came and I folded them neatly on the chair. Then she had me turn around and inspected and patted my bum and said, "What happens to naughy boys?" I said, "They get spanked". She said, "That's right and where do they get spanked?" I said, "On the bum". She said, "What kind of bum?" I replied, "The bare bum ma'am?" Well, down came the underpants and I neatly folded them on the chair. Now I am naked other than white socks, a red face and standing with my arms at my side and my head down. Not a pretty sight to look at I am sure!

This whole time, she was scolding me about my bad habits, and telling me I was naughty and needed this spanking badly. My wife said afterward I was all submissive and saying "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" like I was born to it. She started with OTK with the hand, let me say she is absolutely masterful at hand spanking! Wow, and double-wow. The birthday spanking was all done with her hand - she doubled it, 60 each cheek. Then over the course of the next 45 minutes she moved to 3 different straps, 3 brushes, and 2 wooden paddles. Periodically she had me get up and look at my bum in the full length mirror, and at least 4 or 5 times, she gently lotioned my bottom with aloe vera, to give me a break I think and also helped keep her hand from drying out as well. She also said the lotion makes the swats sting a little more and then she and the wife laughed about spanking a wet bottom. Let me say that I will never smell aloe vera again without thinking of that afternoon. My wife and she conversed during it, the wife took pictures, they talked technique, and my loving wife kept touching me every once in a while just to reassure me I was doing great, especially towards the end, when the wood was hitting my fire-red bottom.

The emotion of the session is something I would compare to therapy, at least for me. I have PTSD that just recently cropped up after years of repression (the 60's really sucked for a lot of us guys). This session brought out a ton of emotions that no therapist could ever do. I cried several times not necesarilly from the pain but just the total emotional release of it all. She was so sweet and gentle in persona yet so direct and powerful as a disciplinarian.

At the end of it, the endorphins had definitely kicked in, and she just held me, cradled my head, told me all was forgiven and I was a good boy again. I could barely walk, it was the endorphins...she had me sit down for another 15 minutes just to collect myself, and we just chatted some more about our lives and histories. Half that time, I was still totally naked, and didn't even realize it! That's how "in the zone" I was, my wife said it was amazing to witness. She gave me homework to do, this letter being one and I must write her once a month to keep her advised on my promises to change the bad habits my wife wrote her about. We all hugged, took a couple more pictures and we headed home. My wife said in the car that of course she had to spank me just a little more when we got home. She said her hand was itching the whole time watching, just wanting to swat my sore cheeks herself. I was pretty much out of it for two hours after the session, it was like being on a drug. Ms. Specht must have been a good luck charm though, because after dinner my wife took me to the local casino to play just $20, and I won 3 jackpots.

I sit here writing this now the day after the session. My bum is still very sore and carries the "badges of honor" us guys love to look at over and over after a good lickin'. In closing let me say that Ms. Specht is a sweet, strong woman, very personable and one terrific disciplinarian. My wife said she learned a few techniques she didn't know about...that inner thigh thing she does with that leather strap... forget-a-bout-it...yikes! I would also like to thank my wife for this wonderful gift. We both will never forget that windy April tuesday afternoon on the Las Vegas strip with the wonderful Ms. Dana Specht.