David and Lindsay's Report

David's Version:

Before my spanking I was very worried because you had punished me before last year and this year is was 16 times so i was very worried about what my punishment would be and I knew it would be very severe. While you were spanking me you didn't stop or break. It was rapid fire with your Titanium hand, hairbrush, straps, and of course my biggest fear the paddles and Spencer wood/ straps. While you made me lay on the bed to strap me I was already feeling sorry and last year's strapping alone was super painful. When you rained down that Spencer strap and other black strap over and over, and when you where on my back and behind me I was slowly starting to cry from the guilt I caused everyone and when you scolded me about having Lindsay have her fianc�© dead or crippled I cried because I knew how stupid I was being lately and you were driving the point home.

When you grabbed the Spencer paddle and locked my legs and paddled me over and over until I was crying from the pain from the paddle and the guilt I felt. When you said I was to get everything again 16 times for me driving drunk 16 times I was fearful but knew I deserved it. After you finished with all the implements again I was thinking the whole time that I wish I never drank and drove because this spanking was the worst I've ever had in my life. When you caned me and then gave me 16 with the big Spencer paddle I thought I was going to jump out of there since you already blistered my bare bottom. Each smack with the cane and each swat with that big paddle I thought about the pain of course but how I would remember this for a long time because that paddle hurts so bad and after 200 something paddles with the little Spencer paddle.

After our session I iced it and applied cream every few hours. But I know I deserve everything you gave me and am sorry that you had to give me that bad of a severe spanking (I no you really don't like to do that unless it's necessary). Actually today I was putting on the belt you spanked me with and heard the jingle and quickly remembered when I was putting it through the loops in my pants that I wasn't going to happy hour after work and was actually going to stop drinking for a little while unless it's at home or I have a cab/ designated driver.

Lindsay's Version:


First let me express my gratitude for dealing with David when I couldn't be there but saw the whole video of all three of you. Yours and Sarah's were definitely the most severe. As for the testimonial after you blistered David's bare butt it's almost a week later and he is still sitting down slowly :) David said even though it was a severe spanking and he cried from the pain and guilt of lying to me his own fiancé and drinking and driving not just a few times but 16 times. I way you spanked him with every tool and then strapped him over and over again I know that drove the lesson home and to never ever drink and drive again. If that didn't do the trick the small spencer paddle you spanked him with when you had your legs locked over the backs of his calfs and thighs he and all of us knew he wasn't going anywhere. It must have been over 200 something rapid fire with that small spencer paddle and then you canned him which was his first time being canned and you gave him 16 good strikes with it and then quickly brought the big spencer paddle straight to his bottom and after about 6 ot 7 out or the 16, then you gave him a few seconds break and gave him 9 or 10 hard rapid fire really hard swats to where he was crying and pleading with you to stop and that he was sorry. If he didn't learn his lesson before that he did after that severe paddling.