Thoughts On Subspace

Thoughts on Subspace

By Bobbie-Jo

There are many varieties of subspace. I suppose there are as many differences as there are people who are in the spanking community. I have heard from several people who have said they have not experienced subspace. I believe they have and have not known it.

The first time I saw Dana Specht, she told me I went into subspace. I was very surprised because I had heard that many had not, and I certainly didnâ??t expect to have that experience the first time. I have been seeing Dana for nearly six years now and she takes me into subspace every time. I have given it some thought and over the years, I have come up with some ideas about subspace and I will share them with you.

I believe that there are several levels of subspace. There can be a very mild form of it that is the stage where relaxation takes place. This seems to be the body going into subspace before the brain does, which has been my experience. This is the body relaxing to the point it becomes more difficult to move around. A personâ??s brain may be very much active and communication with the top is of a nature where a decent conversation can be carried on. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. You are beginning to go into subspace if this has happened to you. You may not go any further than this and it is my firm belief you have experienced a mild level of subspace.

A midlevel of subspace may be where the brain begins to catch up with the body and the individual will begin to â??zone out.â?? The body becomes more relaxed and shifting positions is more difficult. This is something I have experienced. My body will be so relaxed that I can hardly move to get up to be in a different position. It is kind of comical to watch me trying to get up from over Danaâ??s lap to get into a different position. Both of us have laughed over this. Just about all the tension in the body will be gone. I know many of you have been in this state of relaxation before.

The level of subspace that I have not experienced, and it would not be a very good idea, is the condition where the person is completely relaxed and the brain is also in such a state the individual is not able to communicate effectively. You might say they are in â??la-la land.â?? It is almost like being asleep. No one can drive anywhere after this for the brain is not engaged and the body reflexes are very slow. Not many reach this stage and the person usually needs help to navigate and will need to lie down for a while to recoup. Aftercare is a must. Of course, I believe it is a must anyway and a good top will provide it.

It is very important for a person to get into their headspace in order to have the experience of subspace. Focusing on the attention the body is receiving is a good way to start. If you talk too much, it wonâ??t happen as you might want it to. (Voice of experience here.) Also concentrating on letting the body relax also helps to get into oneâ??s headspace. This is part of letting go and allowing your mind to feel the experience on a deeper level than just the physical. It is about what you are wanting from the experience, which is different for each one of us.

One of the greatest surprises I had was the relief of pain. I have fibromyalgia and in constant pain. It took me a while to realize what had happened after the first time Dana worked her magic on me. The reduction of pain lasted for nearly two weeks! It is a strange phenomenon that it takes pain to relieve pain, but I am not the only one who experiences this. After each spanking, I have almost no fibro pain for some time. The body relaxes and what I believe is happening is the endorphins flood the brain and the pain of the spanking disrupts the neural pain signals for a time as well. It varies from time to time, but I can tell you it is a wonderful release. For anyone who has fibromyalgia, you can relate. To the statement â??You may have fibromyalgia ifâ?¦â?? One person said, â??You ask to get flogged every five days so you can feel better.â??

In addition to relief of pain, there can be relief of depression and also a letting go of things that have bothered in the past. I believe subspace is where this relief takes place. A good cry during a spanking and maybe after can do a lot to help with the stresses one may be experiencing. Donâ??t be ashamed if you start to cry. Just let it come. Donâ??t fight it. Sometimes stuff from the past can build up inside and it takes pain to be able to release it. We may not even know how much is buried inside until it is brought out by a caring top, as Dana is. Who knew a hard cry for a solid hour would release so much?

I hope this has helped in understanding what subspace is. Perhaps you will realize you may have gone into after all. The idea that unless you go into deep subspace you havenâ??t experienced it just isnâ??t true. If you have been relaxed, if you feel better from pain, emotional or physical, you have, no doubt, experienced some level of subspace. Keep this in mind the next time you go otk.