From Christopher

Dear Miss Dana,

Thank you so much for a most wonderful meeting! It was truly amazing and something that I will remember forever.

Since I've been following your magnificent work for quite a while, it's undoubtedly been a dream to meet you. When you so kindly agreed to meet, I assumed it would be a hard punishment, that I would be a bit nervous and afraid (in a positive and good sense) and that you would leave a lasting impression. Even with those assumptions in mind you surpassed all expectations and it was absolutely brilliant in every little detail.

You are such a beautiful, elegant, nice, perfectly strict and in every single way an attractive woman. Your personality is just amazing. You are intelligent, sharp, funny, lovely to be around and the great conversations we had are a good proof of that. To be in your company is comforting, but you won't for a second forget who's in charge.

When it comes to the punishment/session I must start by complimenting your hand which is so impressive. The way you use the different implements, the choices of implements, the way you scold, grab, hold and lock once body, your lovely outfit, your knowledge and experience which makes it possible to spank as hard as you do without breaking the skin...I lack words to describe how great you are. When you sat on the bed, locked my body with your leg and spanked me with the Spencer paddle and hairbrush, then I felt like that twelve year old spoiled little boy how just got his first well deserved spanking. For someone to manage to bring back that feeling, it's just magic and I cannot thank you enough. At times, tears was not too far away and receiving a spanking like the one you gave me was exhausting, in a purely positive way.

As far as the mark goes, they are still there, although it's now possible to sit down properly, but I can assure you it wasn't a comfortable ride back from beautiful Carmel. And talking about Carmel, you've got such a great place and it really went well with and reflects your personality. To be punished in your home, that was just amazing. It adds to the very realistic feeling. It made this experience unforgettable.

If you would agree to, it would be nothing but an honor and pleasure to see you again.

Looking forward to read you diary and will shortly sign up for a membership at your webpage.

I'm forever grateful and cannot thank you enough for the fantastic punishment, spanking and scolding. It was a long time dream coming true.

Wishing you a great start of the week and wishing you the best of luck with your bass playing (another thing to add to the impressive list), as well as you son's musical career!